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Windows live essentials suite was introduced to help the user to push through his day to day works that can be done at the comfort of his computer. There are various versions of the windows live essentials in several names but the latest and the advanced version of the suite was introduced in 2012. Microsoft then integrated the various methods it needed an individual app instead of suite separately in the future updates of the operating systems. The windows live essentials suite 2012 attained the end of support, which means the software isn’t compatible with the updated operating system in early 2017. For those who are using the feature, there are no worries because the applications will work until you change over to a different system or go for a full mode reset.

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Overview of the Windows Live Essentials 2012

The windows live essentials 2012 suite contained a package of applications that satisfied the need of every user of a computer. Microsoft developed the idea of integrating all the applications into one single roof under the name, Windows Live Essentials. The package mainly contained applications that satisfied the requirements or eased the process of a task, the user would use the computer for. Some of the note0worthy features of the suite were:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Outlook Connector Pack
  • Mail
  • Writer
  • Messenger
  • Family Safety
  • Bing Bar
  • Movie Maker and
  • Microsoft SkyDrive.

These features installed within Essentials lead to a drastic attraction of the consumers towards Microsoft as they had all the in-demand features and they were cheaper compared to premier brands that offered the same set of applications at a price. The windows live essentials 2012 software had updated to the current needs almost seamlessly causing less confusion and Dilemma. Windows live essentials were a single stop for all the needs that were required by the user. The various attributes starting from a common platform to message and store all the important data at a trusted location was a breakthrough and that’s what Microsoft required the most.

where to download Windows Essentials 2012
Download Windows Live Essentials 2012

The biggest advantage with essentials was that the user could install the programs that he required instead of installing the whole thing. This proved to be a boon for saving memory space as well as processing time making Windows Live Essentials almost efficient in terms of speed and performance. The highlight with Windows Live Essentials is that even after it reached the end of support, it continued to operate for users who already had an installed version of windows live essentials. The only drawback with windows live essentials is that sometimes the unwanted applications occupy some RAM and remain as excessive unwanted installation files. But that doesn’t have a big effect on the performance of your system unless you have a very bad performing system.

The Features of Windows Live Essentials 2012

The windows live essentials have a list of nearly nine applications that help the users to make their life much easier with the help of your computer. The various specifications of the various applications are explained below

How to download window essentials 2012 free installer
Windows Live Essentials 2012 – Free Download and Software

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery was an application that would help the user to view their photos, edit them and beautify them by unleashing the inner artist in you. The applications would enable the user to modify the images that they have stored on their computer. This tool was useful in replacing the culture of installing a third-party application from the internet.

Outlook Connector Pack

The outlook connector pack is a boon for the people who are in a constant verge of changing their computers. The biggest problem these people face is moving their data and important messages to their new system. The outlook connector pack would act as a backup and restore reservoir for all your important emails, messages as well as photos.

Mail, Writer, Messenger and Bing Bar

These features are one of the most phenomenal key points that the avid user can use to make his communications much easier with the world, he is trying to contact. The Bing bar is a place where the user can get regular updates from the world from the websites, he uses daily. The messenger is also an application where the user can chat endlessly with his friends who are connected to him through his outlook profile. This will enable him to almost instantly share his data with his friends as well as continue to grow his circle, provided he is connected to the internet.

Family Safety

This application helps the user to make the computer a platform common to many members he knows very well. This application would enable the user to take control of the Windows Store purchases, websites that they visit and many such processes using this application. This feature of the windows live essentials is useful to the parents who have kids at home and as well they can keep an eye on what their children are doing on the computer when they are not around.

Movie Maker

The movie maker application is used for rookies who are into video editing. The applications are easy to learn and adapt to as well. The user can edit, trim, perfect and increase the quality of the videos that they have using this application.

Microsoft Skydrive

The drives application is like that of the driver software you find regularly, but the only difference is they are unique to outlook and windows live essentials users. These drives are so sophisticated that you can relieve memory form your systems provided you are connected to the internet.

System Requirements

There are many versions of the windows live essentials 2012 suite that is adaptable to all the versions of the Windows operating system. The various operating system requirement for windows live essentials 2012 are Windows XP, Windows Vista,7,8,8.1 and 10. (32 or 64 bit). The RAM and hard disk requirements are minimal as it contains only 134 MB only. This will help in making the windows live essentials software compatible with almost any type of upgrades for the existing users. For users who are trying to install windows live essentials 2012 software, just update the new operating system from Windows, they have got you covered!

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