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Having security on whatever device that you are using is absolutely important. You want to probably want to protect all of the important data on your computer and make sure that no unauthorised people have access to it. If someone gets ahold of something sensitive like your browsing history, it could lead to a lot of problems for you. Thus, you should do your best to ensure that everything that is on your system is safe and secure.

A virtual private network(VPN) will allow you to have complete privacy online since you can create a private network to use. If you were using a public internet connection, you may have struggled with having to protect your private information. With VPNs, your IP address will be covered so none of the things that you do online can be traced by anyone. IPVanish is a great VPS service that has many features that are designed to make your online activity secure.

We are really happy that we get to share more information about this software, including details regarding its features and download procedure, with you below.

Features of IPVanish VPN

Learning more about the features of this software will allow you to get a closer connection with it:

How to download IPVanish VPN for PC
IPVanish VPN

Ubiquitous content

You will not have any restrictions to content and will be able to get access to all kinds of it online. It does not matter whether the content is from a blocked website as the VPN will allow you to get past it. The freedom that you get from this service will allow you to enjoy more content than ever before.

High number of server locations

There are numerous server locations, in countries all over the world, that you will be able to choose from. You can switch between as many locations as you want as many times as you want to, without any limitations.

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Split tunneling

It can be hard to manage device traffic. Your entire network ends up getting congested and your speed slows down considerably. Being able to avoid this would make your life a lot easier. You will be able to send your device traffic through a VPN so you will not be weighed down by any traffic.

Protection from manipulation

This is some phenomenal technology that will ensure that your data never gets written to any hard drive. This is important as it means that you will never have to worry about someone trying to copy your data and getting away with it. 

You can download IPVanish VPN for PC
Download IPVanish VPN for PC

No activity logs

Have you ever visited a website and had a fear that someone would know about what you are browsing for? This is a rational fear as many websites actually have cookies that record information every time somebody visits their website. The user will then get notifications and suggestions based on the data in the cookies. This can be a downright invasion of privacy, especially when there are websites that have cookies that you may not know of. IPVanish VPN will make sure that none of your activity gets logged if you do not want it to.

Live chat support

There is live chat support available for users throughout the day. Thus, they will be able to get help whenever they have any problems using the software.

Private DNS

The private DNS that is run by the software will allow you to have connections that are faster and safer than normal. Having a slow or unsafe connection can be really hard to deal with and you will be able to enjoy yourself thoroughly with this wonderful DNS.

Safe browsing

It can be dangerous to your safety when people are able to find out who is browsing on your system. Whether it is you, your family members, or friends, you would want to make sure that no unauthorised people know about any information related to them. With IPVanish VPN, you can browse online anonymously and no one will find out about your identity. 

IP address protection

Leaving your IP address out there on your system may not be the best idea as people can get all sorts of information from it and misuse it. You will be able to change the IP address that you are using with the help of the software so you will not have to run into such problems.

Downloading and installing IPVanish VPN for free on PC

You can have a look at the steps that are here and try following them in order to download the software:

  • You can go to any website online that has a free download of this software and then enter it. You can click the Download button that is present and then wait for the download to get completed.
  • You can click the executable file once you are done and then proceed with the installation process. You will have to agree to the application making changes to your system so that you can continue. Respond to the prompts that are on the screen and then click the Install button at the end. You can then use the software.
  • If you go to the official website of the software, you can pay for any of the plans that are there and use the VPN services provided. The choice will be up to you.

We believe in the power of disseminating useful information to those that need it and hope that you got to know more about this incredible software. It is a great way for you to keep all of your data private and you will be able to use the Internet freely without any worry. Please try getting this software if you have never tried it out before and see if it something that you will enjoy using. Share whatever information you know about the article with friends or family members that will find it useful. You can always write down your thoughts about the article in the comments section below.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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