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The amount of usage that an average operating system is used for is literally high and that means that we are on a constant verge of updating ourselves to meet the demands of the growing techno world. There are a lot of operating systems available but only a handful of people can actually access those operating systems. This is mainly because of one reason; they do not have suitable hardware to support such an operating system. With a growing trend of many operating systems released into the market, the amount of hardware is significantly less. 

That is where the concept of virtual machine steps in. You can actually download the ISO image of any operating system that you would want to operate and based upon your interests, you can actually customize the virtual machine according to your needs. There is a lot of several software out there, that are working on the same niche and the much-sophisticated one is definitely Virtual Box. 

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Virtual box is one of the most relied upon the virtual machines in the market that has a lot of people actually using it on a daily basis. If you are a Linux OS based user and you are not able to use windows OS-based utilities in your system, the best way is to download a virtual box install Windows 10 ISO image onto the machine and get the operations of the operating system. 

Where can you download Windows 10 ISO for VirtualBox
Windows 10 ISO for VirtualBox

There are a lot of features that Windows 10 is famous for and here are some of the convincing reasons why you must download Windows 10 on a Virtual machine-like virtual box.

  1. Improved Graphical user interface 
  2. Much improved aesthetic textures 
  3. Greatly stable operational capabilities
  4. Cloud enhanced support
  5. Continuous updates to keep the operation on track
  6. Glorious response to keeping heavy software stable 
  7. Impeccable performance-based with games 
  8. More added security features 
  9. Support for extra plugins 
  10. The best operating system for documenting 

The above are just the top reasons why you must actually download and run the ISO file onto the virtual machine. The demand for genuine versions of Windows 10 is at the prime and with many pirated editions making an illegal entry into the market it is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. 

If are you looking for Windows 10 ISO for VirtualBox free download
Windows 10 ISO for VirtualBox Free Download- ISORIVER

The reason why most of them rely upon the pirated edition of the operating system is to just test the compatibility of the operating system with their hardware. Do the same the legal way using the virtual machine concept.

How To install and download windows 10 onto your virtual machine

  1. You will have to download the virtual machine preferably virtual box onto your system. Make sure that you will have to download the latest version of the virtual machine so that you don’t land up in any trouble. There are a lot of fake versions out there of the virtual box, make sure to download the same from the ISO river page. 
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the new version of a virtual box, you must now create a new virtual machine on a virtual box. The same can be created by opening the virtual machine and clicking on ctrl+N to open the new virtual machine.
  3. Just type in Windows 10 and the system will automatically download and determine all the pre-requisites for running such an operating system.
  4. Determine the size of the RAM that the operating system will run on. The minimum recommendation is around 3GB.
  5. Select the virtual hard disk option and select the same and run the system. To do the same you will have to click on create.
  6. Choose the type of hard disk to be VDI and select dynamically allotted to allow the memory to the operating system. 
  7. Once you are done with that you will have to specify the separations and partitions in the operating system HDD and ensure to save all of them and load the same to the original HDD of the system where you are planning to run the operating system on.
  8. Once you are done with the installation and booting process, you can configure the system according to your preferences and get the job done and finish the process.
  9. You are all set to run the Windows 10 operating system on Virtual Box

There are a lot of advantages that you are allotted with while downloading and installing the windows 10 operating system on the virtual machine like virtual box and the best and the top one is definitely constant up-gradation and adaptability.

Download Windows 10 ISO

You can download the Windows 10 ISO by accessing the link below. Also, make sure that you have enough back up before you proceed with the same. There are a lot of duplicate Iso images on the market and it is best to download the same from a trusted source. 

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.


    • I managed to resolve the issue. I updated the hyper-v configuration for the vm from 5 to 8. I then used the credential “Host computer name”\IEUser with password Passw0rd!.

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