Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5 Download Free

File transfers are one of the most common ways in which information is transferred these days. We can easily put the data that we want in them and send them. Proper server connectivity is important when it comes to file transfer. If the user does not have a good connection with the server, they will not be able to send their files properly.

You will also need a proper interface to communicate with the server so that you can send your files with ease. There are many kinds of file transfer protocols that are available. It is important that you have a system that provides support for as many protocols as possible so that you will have the flexibility to do what you need to do.

Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5 is a great software that can help you with all of the server support that you need. You will be able to use this on many kinds of OSes such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, and macOS. File transfer protocols such as FTPS, HTTPS, HTTP, and FTP are supported here. Thus, you will be able to connect to the server in many ways.

Where can you download Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5
Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5

There is also an efficient web-based interface that will allow you to check the server no matter where you are. You can monitor the performance of the server and also receive email notifications about what is happening on the server. This will help you stay up to date and have all the important server information that you need.

If you want to know more about this software including how to download it on your system, please take some time to read our guide below.

Features of Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5

Getting to know the features of a software will help you get more of an understanding about it:

Support for multiple protocols

As mentioned before, the software provides support for many different kinds of protocols. Thus, file transfers will become much easier for you. You will not have to be limited to only file transfers with certain protocols since there is proper support for all of them on Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5.

Cross platform

There is certain server software that may only be available on a particular OS. That is not the case with this software as you will be able to run it on many different kinds of OSes. These include Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS.

Administration from anywhere

You will be able to check the server and have control over it no matter where you are or what time it is as long as you have a web browser. This will provide you with the freedom that you need to complete all of the work that you need to with the peace that you have this much flexibility to do so.

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Phone use

The software can also be downloaded as an application and help you manage transfers on your phone. You will also be able to manage remote files with simplicity.

You can download Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5 for free
Download Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5 for free

Periodic updates

You may be wondering what is happening on the server and want to know. You need not worry as there is an event manager that will provide you with instant updates about all of the events that are happening on the server through email notifications. All you have to do is execute the script for the event manager and you are good to go.

Cluster with high availability

If there is a high load on your server, you need not worry at all. You can cluster WingFTP using Wing Gateway in case you have the need for high availability. Everything can be managed effectively so you do not have to transfer your loads elsewhere.

Ease of uploading

You will be able to transfer, share, and request files with a simple web link. Since a web link is there, it will be extremely easy for people to send and receive the files that they want as they will not have to log in anywhere. The link will provide the accessibility that is needed and allow you to complete your transfers without much hassle.

Downloading and installing Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5 for free

You will be able to have a great time using this software once you download it on your system. Find out how by reading the steps that are given below:

  • There are many download links online that you can search for. Once you find one that you are comfortable with, click it.
  • Wait patiently for the software to be downloaded on your system. You will then have to select the executable file that you obtain when the download is complete.
  • Doing this will trigger the beginning of the installation process. The user will have to answer all of the prompts that are given to them and then select the Next button after each one is completed.
  • These prompts include having to choose a location where the software can be installed on the system, creating shortcuts on the system for the software(optional), and performing certain additional tasks(optional). The user will be able to use the Back button to go back and change any of the responses that they had given.
  • The should then select the Install button at the end and wait for the installation to be completed. Once it is done, the user will be able to try using the software on their system.

We hope that the information that we have provided in the article has assisted you in getting a better idea of what Wing FTP Server Corporate 6.4.5 is and what can be done using it. Getting a server software like this may not always be easy so make sure to download this software if you have not so before and try it out. If you think that it is a good fit for you and your system, tell people you know that may be interested in using it as well. If you have anything that you want to discuss with us regarding the stuff that you read in the article, please scroll down to the comments section and do so.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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