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The Windows NT, the early stream operating system designed and published by Microsoft may not have been the talk of the town upon its release but surely laid the backbone for all the future operating systems by Microsoft. The features that were embedded along with the operating systems paved the pathway to ground-breaking technology with future operating systems that were rolled out by Microsoft.

The windows NT released in mid-1994 made sure that there was a promising future ahead for all the operating systems that were going to be released by Microsoft. The windows NT also packed features that proved to be extremely helpful for office computation of large data and store it in a particular place. With Windows NT(nicknamed the Daytona) as the base, Microsoft developed the various other operating systems that made them the top of the software trade as well.

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The windows NT come in two different variants. One is the Workstation based edition and the other is the Server-based edition. Now the biggest drawback with the workstation edition is that it could allow only 10 concurrent clients to access the server file. The workstation also couldn’t find the firmware to support to Mac using clients. Here are some of the features that you can’t miss out in the Windows NT 3.5/3.5.1.

Where can you download  Windows NT 3.51 (1995) For Workstation And Server Free
Windows NT 3.51 For Workstation And Server Free

Revamped Resource kit

The resource kit of the windows NT 3.5/3.51 has been revamped with the first-ever inline Microsoft DNS, the domain name system of Microsoft. The domain name system was one of the much- anticipated updates from the viewers from Microsoft. They made sure that the domain name system was supported with all incoming updates in the future. But since the DNS system was the starting reveal of the resource kit, it had a lot of bugs that needed immediate attention and Microsoft friskily resolved it with their next update on the NT version.

Updated OLE

They were made of the upgraded object Linking and Embedding from the first-generation version to the second-generation version. There are also a lot of associated features with Object Linking and Embedding. The performance graph boosted up and the memory required to boot up the system was considerably less. The efficiency drastically improved compared to the other type of Windows NT systems and that’s what made the Windows NT (Daytona) deliver ultimate performance in its range and also be a factor to sell as NT workstations.

Improved performance with Workgroups

The workgroups are probably the best part of the Windows NT version of operating systems. They had phenomenal response upon their release with the elementary version of the Windows NT. This allowed the communication between the workgroup using the SMB protocol over the NetBIOS system. this enabled faster workflow and better response in the output of the work.

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The RAM limit was increased to 64 MB which was pretty much a big deal comparatively. It had standard multimedia support that made sure that they had the best in the class response of the system. it also was packed along with media support and video player along with the CD-ROM support.

The Good to go sign from the National security agency

The national security agency is the only pass keeper that would make sure that the amount of software that goes behind the release of an operating system is credible. They gave a good to go flag to the Windows NT 3.5 with service pack 3 with the TSEC C2 criteria.

Improved Processor rating

The Windows NT 3.5 had a major problem that it would not accept any newer than the original Pentium (P5 core) but with the improved update of the Windows NT 3.5.1, it made sure that the problem was rectified and it was made sure that the update was good enough to make the cut. The software also gave freedom to change the files which allow it to install.

Computer requirements

  • Intel and Compatible systems.
  • 90 MB of available hard-disk space on the RISC system.
  • 16 MB of memory minimum required.
  • One CD ROM available VGA or video graphics adapter.

Download Windows NT 3.5/3.51 ISO

The Windows NT is a pretty good software that gave Microsoft the boost that helped them to survive in the market. with more of growing interests toward computing, the release of the Windows NT 3.51 proved the software to be more credible. The Windows NT 3.51 is the very basic start of the operating systems and doesn’t need much space. Please ensure that you have a backup of all your data and install the software onto your system. You can download the ISO file from the ISO river website and get the most of it.

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