Windows 11 still Supported 5.25-inch Floppy Disk Drives – Complete Guide

It is quite fascinating that Microsoft has come a long way in terms of operating system development. The tech giant is one of the best OS developers and has been developing Windows OSes for computers Well, there have been a lot of improvements and development done to the tech features and as of now, we are much advanced than we were two decades back. Well, this article will explore, Windows 11 support for a 5.25-inch floppy disk driver. Hop on and learn more.

Advancements in the tech industry are unimaginable. The first rocket to the Moon(Apollo 11) had a total storage capacity of 72 KB and a RAM of 4 KB. well, this was in 1969 and now, almost every home has a computer that is 100 times powerful than what Apollo 11 had. Well, the advancements are still underway and we are moving towards an Artificially Intelligent world, where computers would be able to make decisions like humans. Well, we are not yet there and have a long ways to go as mentioned previously. Well, all the tech development started in the mid-1900 there have been many developments so far.

Well, when we talk about tech advancements, storage as a component has a lot of significance. The storage capacity of a computer is one of the deciding factors for the performance and quality of the computer. The first used storage device on computers was punch cards with a storage capacity of 0.08 KB, and then followed magnetic drums with a capacity of 48 KB, next comes magnetic tape drivers with 230 KB, next comes HDD with a capacity of 3.5 MB, next comes floppy disks with a storage capacity of 80 KB, well, this list will go on, so let’s stop here and see how the storage aspect in the tech industry gradually improved with time. Well now, we use cloud storage with thousands of terabytes and solid-state drives as high-speed storage. Well, most of these above-mentioned storage devices were used as primary computer storage except for the floppy disk.

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Well, floppy disks were one of the first portable storage devices that were compact. When compared to a modern-day portable storage device like an external hard disk, the floppy disk seems old and inefficient. Well, floppies were used as portable devices for a long time and still, there are important information stored on floppy disks. Well, we can say that it is one of the safest forms of storage for storing highly secure documents because most modern computers don’t come with a floppy disk reader. Well, for some reason Microsoft has been providing floppy disk driver support to their modern OSes like Windows 10 and Windows 11.

A Quick Brief on Floppy Disk Drivers 

Well, floppy disks were popular during the 1980-2000 and some of us are lucky to say that we had computers with a floppy disk reader. One of the best things about the floppy disk is its design. The disk looks like the modern save icon(which obviously has been derived from the floppy disks appearance) and has moving parts. The maximum storage capacity of a 5.25-inch is 1.2 MB, well this is the highest storage capacity.

Windows 11 and What is Brings to the Table

As we all know Windows 11 is the latest flagship product of Microsoft that was very recently released. The OS is considered the next generation and is pretty advanced with capable features. The OS is still pretty young and has a long way to go in terms of features and functionalities, but still, it is one of the most advanced OS available out there for computers. Well, the OS is pretty similar to Windows 10 but with simple and subtle changes in the user interface, the OS is built to support smart computers rather than personal computer builds. Well, Microsoft s currently working on improving the OS by eliminating some of the issues and improving the features of the OS. Well, with Microsoft working on improving the OS Windows 11 will soon be a great OS, well, if you are yet to try Windows 11, you can upgrade your Windows 10 computer for free to Windows 11 through the update and security tab in the settings.

It is a bit surprising as to why Microsoft is still providing support to floppy disk drivers as the storage technology is very much outdated by the modern storage technologies. So, now that we know that Microsoft has support for floppy disks, you can use a floppy disk if you have stored any important data on your floppy disks. 

Well, no modern computer comes with a floppy disk reader and even some computers do not come with a DVD reader/ writer, so for using a floppy disk on a computer you need to purchase a floppy disk reader and connect it with the computer. Well, with a floppy disk drive reader, you can access the floppy disks on your computer. 

So, what’s your standpoint on the support feature for floppy disk on Windows 11. To learn more or explore using floppy disk(if you have not) try grabbing a floppy disk reader and get started with using it. Well, you can easily use the floppy disk on the computer.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative. With Windows 10 and 11 supporting floppy disks, you can enjoy using your old floppy disk and transferring old data to the computer.

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