Windows 11 could Allegedly Receive Support for More Widgets – Quick Guide

Windows 11 has been a sensation. The OS was recently released for use to the public and there have been millions of downloads. Microsoft has initially released the OS as a free upgrade to Windows 10 and the offer will be available for a limited time. Well, the OS is relatively new and some features promised by Microsoft are missing. Well, to address this Microsoft is releasing regular updates and the OS is getting better day by day.

Well, recently some are claiming that the Widget feature in the OS is getting new updates and many new Widgets will be rolling out soon. So to learn more about, what’s can be expected.

When Microsoft first released the preview build of the Windows 11 OS, the OS was pretty promising and with each update, the OS got better and finally, when Windows 11 was officially released, the OS got huge attention and Microsoft had done a pretty good job with the OS. Well, there are several improvements to the OS and one major feature the OS got is the widgets. So, with Microsoft rolling out new Widgets, it’s pretty good to explore what’s new. 

There are other features of Windows that you can explore by installing the OS or if you have installed it, just play with the features and options to learn more about the OS. there are a lot of guides on the internet, that you can check out and try using Windows 11 with great efficiency.

Well, Widgets are not a relatively new concept on Windows, if you have used Windows 7 you would know that Windows 7 presented something called gadgets which is pretty similar to the Widget feature on Windows 11. Well, for some reason, the gadget feature was discontinued Windows 8 and 10. Well, with this said, we will explore a bit into both the widget and gadgets so, you understand how far Microsoft has gone with this feature. Well, the gadgets feature in Windows 7 was more static and was limited. There were not many gadgets you can use and the library was discontinued once the OS was discontinued. Well, the Widgets are much more modern and goes well with the Windows 11 user interface. The library is pretty vast and you can choose the widgets with ease. So, we can say that Widgets is an upgraded version of the gadgets.

So, the Widget on Windows 11 is a valuable asset to the OS, users can access their favourite Widget on the widget launcher and access some of the features of the application directly through their respective Widgets. Well, modifying the widgets is quite a handy feature, so you can easily remove or add widgets that you would prefer to have, so your work is simplified.

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You can go to the Widgets settings and toggle off and on the features, you need and customize the widget launcher as you wish. You can change your interest and much more with the dedicated settings.

Well, the Widget feature on Windows 11 is not yet pretty complete, there is more to come to the OS. and recently some sources say that Microsoft is about to bring in a huge upgrade to the Widgets with a lot more fun widgets added to the arsenal. So, if you are fond of the Widgets, you are in for a treat with cool looking widgets, that are soon to arrive. Microsoft also has said that there will be third-party support so, Windows 10 users can get the taste of the Widgets on the OS. with the new upgrade to the widget feature, developers can create and upload custom third-party widgets. 

Well, if you are intrigued by the new arrival, you can check out the Widget feature on the operating system, well if you want to enable the feature, here is a quick guide to help you out.

How to enable the Widget Feature on Windows 11

Enabling the feature on Windows 11 is pretty easy, just follow this simple guide and you will be done within minutes.

  • Open the setting application and go to the personalisation tab.
  • Here in the personalization tab, select the taskbar option.
  • On the taskbar option, toggle on the switch near the Widget option to enable the Widgets.

Well, now, you will find the widget icon in the taskbar. You can use it to access all the widgets on the computer. Well, explore all the widgets, and keep the one you want and remove the others, so the tab looks clutter-free.

Well, if you are not very happy with the Widgets feature and wish to remove the feature from the taskbar, you can just go to the personalization option in the settings and then to the taskbar option, here disable the toggle switch near the widgets option. Well, this will remove the widget’s icon from the taskbar.

Well, soon enough there will be some cool updates to the Widget section and you can try out all the new features. Hope this article was helpful and informative, with the new widgets arriving in Windows 11, you can customize the tab with great efficiency and access all your favourite widgets with ease. Keep the Windows 11 OS up to date as there are lots of features Microsoft is about to roll out with upcoming updates.

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