Fixed: Windows 10 not responding when the laptop is switched on

With the rise in the number of computer users, most users start with Windows OS as the OS is comparatively cheap and better. Windows 10 is the latest release it is being used by millions of people around the world to run their computers. The OS has many appealing features like an improved user interface and stable performance. It is reliable and can help with computing.  The OS is best for gaming, designing, programming, and other professional purposes. With all the features and potential strength, the OS is regarded as one of the best, but still, there are some minor issues with the OS and that can be really annoying at times. The OS sometimes become totally stops responding and makes the users go mad. 

What to Do if Your Windows 10 Computer Stops Responding

Crashes and non-responsive OS have become a commonly reported problem that most Windows 10 users face. Recently many Windows 10 users have complained about Windows 10 becoming non-responsive after booting up, mouse and keyboard dosent work and the screen freezes. This error might be very annoying for many as people mostly use computers for work, and studying purposes, with everything going online, a non-responsive OS can be big trouble. Even though Windows 10 is one of the best OS out there, these kinds of issues occur in the OS which can be fixed pretty easily. 

With issues like this Microsoft has been working hard to release updates and big fixes that will solve or reduce the incidence of such error but the error is not entirely with the OS but also third-party applications and faulty components can cause such malfunctioning of the OS.  

With all this said we ought to discuss the cause of the issue in detail. The Windows 10 not responding during start-up might have been caused by the following issues:

  •  Corrupt Windows files. 
  • A pretty hardware intensive start-up program running i the background.
  •  Leow RAM.
  • Faulty Drivers.
  •  Faulty antivirus.
  • Corrupted registry files.

These errors are common and can be fixed to bring back the normal functioning of the OS. there are some easy to follow methods by which you can fix your computer.

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Here are some fixes for Windows 10 Not Responding When the Computer/ laptop Switches On

Here you will find some simple yet effective methods to fix the Windows 10 not responding issue. These fixes might also help with some other errors in the OS.

Method 1: Temporarily Stop The Antivirus

Antivirus software can be a bit problematic, they interfere with some of the system functions and disrupt the function. Some antiviruses can cause the OS to not respond. This can be fixed by either temporarily disabling the antivirus or by uninstalling the antivirus software.

You can temporarily disable the antivirus by going to the antivirus settings and disabling the live protection of the antivirus software, you can choose the option to switch on protection until manually done from the menu.

You can also uninstall the problematic antivirus and install another one.

Method 2: Restart Your Computer

  • Restarting the computer seems to be a pretty good solution as most of the minor errors gets fixed with this action. 
  • Once the OS becomes responsive, just restart the machine and see whether the same issue persists. If so there might be some serious problem.

Method 3: Disable Start-up Applications

Applications that run during the start-up can interfere with the OS and cause the OS to malfunction. The applications may take up more resources and slow down the start-up process. You can disable the applications easily.

  • Open the task manager by pressing Control key + Shift Key + Escape Key on the keyboard.
  • Here find the startup menu. 
  • Under the tab, you will find the list of applications that starts-up when the computer boots up. Disable the ones which are not essential.
  • This will speed up the start-up process and cause less stress on the hardware causing a smooth start-up.
  • Once done, restart the computer to check for any changes.

Method 4: Uninstall the unused application from the Computer

Uninstalling the unused applications will help boost the performance and also reduce the load on the OS and the hardware.

  • Go to the control panel, navigate to uninstall a program.
  • Here, choose the application you want to uninstall and right-click on it. 
  • From the menu click on uninstall.

Method 5: Run an Antivirus Scan

Sometimes a virus or malware can cause non-responsiveness of the operating system. you just have to run a virus scan using the antivirus available and then eliminate the virus or malware from the computer.

Once done, restart the computer to check the status.

Method 6: Reinstall Windows 10 OS

If there is an error in the OS files you can fix them by reinstalling the OS, if not, you can use SFC /scannow command in the command prompt to fix corrupted windows OS files.

Method 7: Check for Windows Update

Updating the OS can help with fixing the errors in the OS, try updating the OS with the updation feature in the settings application.

Method 8: Troubleshoot Your Computer

  • Open the control panel.
  • Navigate to system maintenance under troubleshooting > system and security option.
  • Here try troubleshooting the computer. 

Mentioned are some simple tricks which you can use to fix the Windows 10 not responding issue. You can also try something like servicing your computer/ laptop, updating the drivers, or use a partition tool to fix the issue with the partition. If nothing works take a backup of the files and reinstall the Windows 10 OS on the computer, this will, at last, solve the issue.

Hope the information provided above was useful and informative, you can easily fix the issue with the methods mentioned above.

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