Fixed: Windows 10 has more Printer Issues

Printing is an essential need for many people. Documents are widely used in government and private sectors for filing different aspects and to maintain records. Previously when there were no computers were invented, documents were either hand-written or the typewriter was used to directly print out the content during typing. This was a very inefficient method and no corrections were possible in printed matter. One small error in the whole document would make the document unusable and useless. 

With the introduction of computers and printers in the industry, the typing and printing industry changed a lot. It became a lot easier for a person to prepare a document using the computer with specialized document creation software. The printer devices were made compatible with the PCs and allowed to take color as-well-as black and white printouts with great ease. 

How to troubleshoot printing problems in Windows 10
Printer Problems in Windows 10

Since the invention of computers and digital printers, there have been a lot of improvements in the software and hardware capabilities of the devices. The compatibility features were improved efficiently and made the printing process more easy and doable. There are many document manipulation software developed for computers and the software does a great job in creating a good-looking and professional document in no time. Printing is the last and final step while using a computer and that enabled proofreading and corrections to be done to the document before printing out the final draft.

Windows computers have done a great job and have been providing good document manipulation and printing support. With each Windows OS update, the OS introduced some improvements to the printing facilities and in turn improving the user experience. Windows OS is most widely used in printing press and government as they had been providing the best features for printing and many other features. There are many instances where Microsoft broke their OS and have to provide updates to rectify the error or bug in the system. Microsoft has done great so-far in providing bug-fixes and quick-fix solutions for various problems and trouble. Windows OS has separate troubleshooting features and other command-level features to rectify and fix problems in the OS. With the wide ranger of user-base Windows OS is by far the most advanced and user-friendly OS to ever exist and provides all the powerful features to its users.

Windows 10 is one of the best OS currently under use by millions of people around the world. Its features are very efficient and are capable of providing the users with the best quality computing experience. This OS is considered the last major release and Microsoft has taken up the updation part, totally online, and has been providing major updates and bug-fixes to the OS with the update feature in the OS. Microsoft has promised to provide two major feature update per year and one bug-fix update per months, Microsoft is perfectly keeping up with their promise till now and have provided updates and features improvements to the OS. some updates turn out to be the downgrade, as they add up problems and bugs to the existing OS version, Microsoft immediately responds to the customers and provides a new update to rectify the errors caused by the previous one. 

The latest Windows 10 update ( KB50000802) has caused a stir with Windows 10 users. This update is faulty and causes trouble with printing and also has a blue screen problem. Microsoft had rendered a solution for this update by releasing a new bug-fixed update and recommends users with this problem to install the update. 

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Here, you will learn how to update your computer to the latest version manually by using the update option provided in the settings of the OS. there is also one more method you can rectify the printer error and that is by uninstalling the latest update, but this is not recommended but you can try only when you have no option to update your computer to the latest version. The second method is kind of quick-fix and it is not a permanent one.

How to Download the New Update to your Computer

  • Open up settings from the start menu.
  • Go to the updates and security settings in the settings.
  • Click on check for updates.
  • Click on download and install.
  • Your computer will download the updates and install the updates. You will need to restart to install the OS.

How to Uninstall the KB50000802 Update

  • To uninstall the update.
  • Open up the control panel from the start menu.
  • Select the uninstall program under the manage programs option.
  • From the left windows pane, click on view installed updates.
  • Now from the list on the right windows pane, choose KB50000802 update and uninstall it.
  • With this, the KB50000802 update has been uninstalled from your computer. 

Using the first method is recommended as you will be updating your computer and the problem will be permanently solved. Using the second method is not recommended because, you will be needing to update your computer at a later date, so it’s better to update it immediately rather than later. 

Hope the above-provided information was useful and you were able to rectify the printing error caused by the KB50000802 update. If you still face a printing issue, you need to check your printer for problem or check the cable or wireless connectivity to your printer.

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