You now have Two Search Bars in Windows 11 22000.65 Build

The search function in OSes is a pretty cool feature. The feature lets users find different functions and features with ease. Pretty much, all the OS support the search feature and gives it importance. The search function is signified with an icon of a magnification glass, which is pretty easy to identify and access. This icon fits in the user interface and provides a smooth workflow. Life without the search option in computers is practically unthinkable, they have a certain value and in this article, we will look into the search option in the Windows 11 OS.

Well, Microsoft has a cool feature called the insider program where they publish all their software and programs before officially releasing them, With Windows 11 about to release, Microsoft has put up the preview build of the OS for testing, until now there have been two Windows 11 builds released on the platform. The insider program can be used by any authentic Windows user by registering using their Microsoft account. So, if you have already registered to the insider program, you can access the OS and other programs, and if you have not then try to register and have fun testing the new OS, so you get a better idea of what the OS brings in.

Well, most of us are familiar with the upcoming Windows 11 OS, and some of us would have downloaded and used the preview build that Microsoft released on their insider platform. There are basically, two versions of the build released on the insider program and the 22000.65 builds are the latest one, this build seems to have many improvements along with some downgrades which are being found and reported by tech enthusiasts and Windows fans. With the OS being under construction we can yet predict the final OSes features and functionalities.  The only things that we can be certain of are the user interface and the security features. There might be changes to all the other things to make the OS better than Windows 10.

It’s mainly said that Windows 11 is built for touch screen computers so it is made to support both the non-touch display and the touch display. With this idea in mind, we can up to a certain extent predict the OS as most of us have a handy touch screen device. The user interface in the new Windows 11 will be intuitive and the windows will have curved edges, the Windows explorer application gat some cool improvements which will make things easier for users, the security feature has been updated and requires users to have a TPM 2.0 to run Windows 11. These features are pretty drastic and will certainly provide users with good usability. The user interface suits well for touch screen computers. 

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Along with benefits, the newly released Windows 11 build has some bugs which will be soon fixed, and if not fixed users who install Windows 11 will have to live with them, most of these bugs are related to the taskbar. Well, when it comes to the taskbar, it is one of the most crucial aspects of the Windows OS and the desktop, it always rests at the bottom (except in some cases), where crucial icons and functions reside. The start button and the search button are the two prominent icons. The search function/ icon in the taskbar is used to search for applications, tools, and other aspects of the OS and the settings. So, it plays a significant role in helping the users with looking for something on the computer. 

The search option in Windows OS has been existing for a long time, and most OSes have the search bar in the start menu, and in Windows 10 the search bar was brought out to the taskbar so users don’t need to go to the start menu to access the search option. In the latest Windows 11 preview build, Microsoft had put up two search options instead of one. One is placed in the taskbar, which is just an icon of a magnifying glass and the other is placed in the start menu at the top unlike in older Windows versions.

This can be pretty useful to people in accessing the search option. Users can access the search option directly from the desktop and when users are in the start menu they can use the search option there. Well, all the other functionalities of the search option remain the same, and it will function as always. Well, this is not necessary as there is a shortcut for summoning the search option so having two search options seems pretty un-clever. But, we are yet to see the final and official version of the OS so all we can do is wait till Microsoft officially released the OS to find out what’s new and improved.

Well, these are everything we have on the new two search bar option on Windows 11, you will get to know more once the official OS comes out. 

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, try using the insider program and install the Windows 11 OS on your computer to test things out by yourself, or just google stuff and install the OS when it is released officially, whichever you feel is better.

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