How to Turn on Auto HDR in Windows 11 – Complete Guide

Graphics are everywhere. People love to have great visuals as visuals in computers are far better than what they used to be. Well, the screen time of an average person has gone up drastically. Smart devices and computers are a major source for increasing screen time. Well, with an increased average screen time, tech companies had to upgrade the systems to support powerful visual features.

Well, the visual aspects of computers have come a long way. The first computer had a command-line type of visual aspect where the display was probably a monochrome, but the computers of this generation are capable of displaying 16 million colours (24-bit displays), well this improvement is pretty great, and in years to come, there will be more improvements. 

So, some of you would have used the cathode ray tube display which was pretty oversized and now would be using an LCD monitor, or a curved LCD monitor, such as the growth in the display technology, so to match up with the hardware tech, software and OS manufacturers had to evolve. Modern OSes are pretty well accustomed to supporting powerful hardware. The OSes and software are capable of utilizing the tech and provide a dazzling output. To do that the manufacturers have developed and infused many software technologies, and one such tech is the HDR. so, you will get a detailed idea of what HDR is and how it enhances the video/ image quality.

So, high dynamic range, usually called HDR is a pretty detailed technique developed by Steve Man. Well, this technology does a great job of enhancing the display output. So basically the HDR works with the video or photograph and balances some of the components like colours, and luminescence. It balances the highlights and shadows of an image or a video to make it look more contrasting. The balancing of these components enhances the video quality extensively.

So, if you have used tried taking photographs n your HDR supported smartphone and compare it with an SDR(standard dynamic range) picture, you will see an enhancement of colours and shadows in the picture, this is the speciality of HDR. so, to put it simply HDR ouches the video quality to the maximum so that it can match the maximum extent that the human eye can see. Recently the HDR technology is used in cameras, smartphones, and display devices like TVs and monitors. So, with learning what HDR is we now can look into whether you need to use HDR or not on your computer. 

Well, as mentioned above, HDR enhances the quality of a video or image by balancing the light areas and dark areas. So, when it’s done, the appearance of the video/ photograph changes and becomes very different. Well to know, whether you have to use HDR or not on your monitor, you need to define what you are going to view on your monitor. Well if you are a gamer or watch movies with great contrast, you can use the HDr feature, and if you are a graphic designer or someone who prefers a natural way of seeing things, you better not use the HDR as it will add up unrealistic aspects to the display. You also have to make sure that you have HDR supported monitor and a graphics card.

Well, this article is about enabling the auto HDR feature on Windows 11 OS. so we have discussed enough HDR and whether you need to use it, so, now let’s dive into learning how to enable the auto HDR on your Windows 11 computer and to check whether your computer supports the feature.

As previously mentioned, you need to have an HDR-ready machine to use the auto HDR feature on your Windows 11 computer. Well, most recent monitors have good support for HDR so if you have purchased a modern display, you are probably good to go. Along with a good HDR supported monitor, you also need to have a graphics card that supports HDR, so to make things easier, we will put up a list of HDR supported graphics cards, so you can check whether your computer supports HDR or not.

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Graphics Cards Supporting HDR

  • Intel UHD 600 series graphics card.
  • Nvidia Geforce 1000 series graphics cards or higher.
  • AMD Radeon RX 600 graphics card or higher.

So, this is the list of graphics cards that support HDR, well these cards are basic, and if you have a much powerful card than these, you can obviously run HDR with great efficiency.

So, with the minimum requirements learnt, we can move on to learning, to enable the HDR on your Windows 11 computer.

Enable HDR on Windows 11

  • To enable auto HDR on Windows 11, open the Settings application by pressing the Windows key and the I key on the keyboard.
  • Now, once the settings application opens, you need to go to the systems tab.
  • Here, select the display option and enter it.
  • Here, click on the HDR option.
  • Now, expand the display capabilities menu.
  • Here you will find the options many HDR options, so, enable the options you want on your computer.

Once, you have enabled the auto HDR, you can try playing a graphic intensive game or watch a movie or video, to check for HDR enhancements.

Well, the HDR option suits well for gamers, so you can enable the HDR option and get an enhanced gaming experience. Windows 11 also brings some more improvements along with the HDR to improve the gaming experience. So this proves that Windows 11 is good for gaming.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, enable the auto HDR modes and enjoy the high dynamic range experience.

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