Fixed: Skype Video lags behind Audio on Windows 10, 7 – Complete Guide

In the past sometimes Skype users are facing, serious video lag issue on Skype, the reason is quite unknown but has some fixes. Users complain about the video lag behind the audio, they also claim that the internet is fine but the problem still persists. This article will clearly take you through the methods and tricks to follow to fix the lag issue on your Windows 10 or Window 7 computer.

We all pretty much know about Skype and its benefits as a communication application. The application has millions of active users who use the features every day for wither personal or professional purposes as the application platform is very competent to provide features that aid users in communicating. Skype is an application built and distributed by Microsoft, which also developed and provides the esteemed OS called Windows. Even though the application is developed by the same parent company that develops Windows OS there are some minor errors that occur that disrupt the use of Skype on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Skype keeps on lagging (audio and video aren't in sync) even if my internet connection is fast and stable

Now, skype is a part of Microsoft Office 365 where the latest version of Skype with 60 minutes of calling/ month, with this users, can also download Skype separately from the Microsoft website and subscribe to the plans to access the features of the application. With Skype being a paid application and also a product of Microsoft, the application is expected to function exceptionally as there should be no compatibility issue, but sometimes the application seems to malfunction and cause trouble to the users and this is highly unlikely. There are instances where the video lags behind the audio when conferencing using Skype and this can be really annoying as it poses as a barrier in the communication. There would be no use for such a malfunctioning program as it fails to serve its purpose. 

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Features of Skype

  • HD Video calling.
  • Messaging Service.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Private chats/ conversations.
  • Phone calls.
  • Record calls.
  • Multiple OS support.

These errors are common with Skype and users who depend on the application for professional and personal communication lose the channel and look for other alternatives like some other platform for video conferencing and calling. This can be a downside of Skype and can be fixed with some pretty easy methods. There are some proven solution for fixing the video lag in Skype which can come in handy and can really save your day. If you are stuck with a laggy Skype or are just looking to know the methods beforehand so you can save yourself at the time of crisis, this article will give you all the information and methods on how to fix the laggy video on Skype.

Here are some fixes for the Skype Video lag Issue on Windows 7 and 10 Computer

Given below are some of the simplest of practices, which will help you with fixing the Skype video lagging behind the audio issue on your computer. Follow the methods and fix the issue to use Skype efficiently.

Method 1: Disable the Antivirus Application

The antivirus is a big hindrance for many tasks on the computer. Most antivirus interferes with some simple tasks on the computer. Not all antivirus software cause problems but there are some of them which might cause the problem. The only way to counter this interference is to disable the virus protection for some time while using Skype in Windows 7 and 10.

To disable the virus protection, you just have to open the antivirus application and find the virus and threat protection option and then disable the option for some time. You can choose the time frame from the option in the application, or just set enable protection when the computer restarts or manually enabled. Now, you can run the Skype application without any problem, and once done with Skype you can go back and switch on the virus protection. Most antivirus application will have virus protection as live protection and you will find a toggle button next to the option.

Method 2: Reinstall Skype

For any application which malfunctions there is one common solution, you just have to reinstall the application.

Open the control panel, navigate to uninstall a program and uninstall the Skype application.

Once done, download the Skype setup file from the internet and install it. 

This will probably solve the problem.

Method 3: Check for Driver Updates

Drivers are very important for the functioning of the hardware components of the computer.

Check the camera driver and update the driver if necessary. This will fix the issue of video lag in Skype.

Method 4: Update Skype

Update the Skype application and recheck for the video lag issue. Updating the application can help with fixing issues in the application as the update will bring a new set of bug fixes and error fixes along with new and improved features.

Method 5: Check Your Ports

Ports are pretty important for a good internet connection. With the ports being faulty you need to check for the ports and fix the port.

  • Open the Skype application navigate to tools > option > advanced > connections.
  • Here, look for the “Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections” and tick mark the box near the option. 
  • Once done save and exit. This will probably fix the video lagging behind the audio issue.

All the methods mentioned above are simple to follow and can fix the issue easily. You can fix the issue on Skype and connect with your friends, family and colleagues easily.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, make sure you fix the issue with the video on skype and efficiently use the application.

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