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Drumming is a musical art form that takes a lot of discipline and dedication. It may not be easy to master but the results will be worth it when you do. You will have to practise consistently and gain as much knowledge as you can to become a true master. If you are somebody who does not have your own drum set at home, it can be hard to get the experience you may need. We are happy to tell you that there is software out there that can assist you with your drumming and help you be the best that you can be.

Sampleson Brushify Pro is an application that gives drummers a bunch of tools. This drum kit has the distinction of being the first one of its kind to have a foundation in modeling and scripting. There is an excellent environment available to help you complete all of the editing that you have to do for your music. There is also a module that contains all kinds of mic position sampling techniques that you can employ. You will also be able to adjust the width, pan, and resonance knobs of your music tracks.

The application will allow you to try using pro drummer styles and create sounds that you would normally create on a physical drum. There is a handy keyboard available to assist you in generating high-quality outputs. The Live Preview feature will let you check the changes that you make to your audio instantly. You will then be able to make whatever edits you want to easily. You can also load all kinds of tracks using this software. We hope you are excited to learn more about Sampleson Brushify Pro because we are happy to tell you.

Features of Sampleson Brushify Pro

Taking a look at the features will let you understand why Sampleson Brushify Pro is a brilliant piece of software that you would enjoy using:

Where can you download Sampleson Brushify Pro for Mac
Sampleson Brushify Pro for Mac

Brushed drums

If you are a finger drummer, you would probably need brushed drums to help you out. Sampleson has the stuff that you need to create the amazing sound that you would get if you were using real drums.

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Advancing sampling and modeling

You will get the best sampling and modeling techniques out there so that the sound you create is incredible. You will be able to make fine samples and model unique drum sounds that are true to your creative vision. The software also has smart scripting that can really help you in a big way.

Organized keyboard layout

There is a keyboard layout on this software that is completely dedicated to making sure that your interaction with the drums on Sampleson are similar to those you would have had with real drums. The makers of the software really wanted everyone that used it to have a strong and natural connection with Sampleson so that they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable using it. You will find it easy to get to the various drum settings that you want using the keyboard layout that has been created specially for you.

You can download Sampleson Brushify Pro for Mac
Download Sampleson Brushify Pro for Mac – ISORIVER

Live preview

Live previews are a great way for you to ease the completion of all of the editing that you want to do. You will be able to actively take a look at how the changes you implement impact your music. Then, you can edit the music according to how you want it to sound. You may have had experiences where you were unable to view the changes that you made till they had been done. This would have made you waste time unnecessarily. You will be able to increase your productivity exponentially with the Live Preview mode.

System Requirements for Sampleson Brushify Pro

Your macOS will have to satisfy these system requirements if you want to download Sampleson Brushify Pro on it:

  • Your macOS version should be 10.12 or later.
  • You should have a free disk space of at least 2 GB.
  • Your RAM capacity should be at least 4 GB.
  • You need to have a 64-bit Intel processor.

Downloading and installing Sampleson Brushify Pro for free on Mac

You can follow these steps if you want to download and install Sampleson Brushify Pro on your macOS:

  • Make use of the online browser that you are comfortable with and find a website that you think can be trusted. It is best that you avoid shady websites as they may contain malicious software that could ruin your system.
  • Enter the website that has the free download link that you are looking for. When you do that, scan the website till you find it and then click it.
  • When you click the link, the DMG file of Sampleson Brushify Pro will get downloaded on your macOS. You are now at the halfway point of the entire process.
  • You can then wait a bit till the installer starts up the installation process. A series of prompts will be presented to you; these are all based on stuff related to how and where you would like Sampleson Brushify Pro to be on your macOS. 
  • At the end of all the prompts, you can find a button that will allow you to install the software. Click this button and Sampleson Brushify Pro will get installed on your macOS(the time taken for this to happen depends on the speed of the Internet connection that you have).
  • You will be delighted to know that you will then be able to test the software once the installation has been completed. Make sure that you complete the setup first so that you are comfortable with everything.

We are thrilled that we got to share information about Sampleson Brushify Pro with you as we think it is software that could really help you out, especially if you are someone who is highly interested in drumming. If there is someone in your friends’ circle who may find this software to be of assistance, please share whatever information you may have about it with them. Please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section after you have used the software.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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