Run Windows 11 on your Android 13 – Complete Guide

Smartphones, computers, and other devices are becoming quite popular recently. With advancements in the tech industry, people are able to access the features of smart devices and get things done with ease. Well, these devices are made smart by the OS component that runs the devices and Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS are the leading OSes that are ruling the smart device world. With these OSes running a device, the device gains the power to run smartly and provide users with the best possible computing experience.

Devices that run Android OS are very handy and Android devices are used by billions of people. Android is one of the most advanced and still advancing OS that runs phones and there are new developments every day in the Android ecosystem. Well, recently there have been talks about integrating Windows 11 on Android phones. Here in this article, we will explore all the aspects of what’s integration is and what it means to you. Follow along and get interesting facts about this latest integration of Windows 11 into Android 13.

How to Run Windows 11 on your Android 13

Running two major OSes on the same device has been a feature most people are looking for. All the major OSes that are currently running a majority of the devices on the planet supports a feature like virtual machines, which will allow users to run two or three different OSes parallelly. Well, this feature is not quite advanced but it still works pretty fine. With virtual machines, applications intended to be used only in one OS can be used with ease on another OS with the help of the Virtual machine. Well, the technology has been advancing and there have been improvements and proposals that look quite promising soon in the near future, we will have devices that can capably run two or more OSes simultaneously without compatibility issues. Well, there are several technologies that are coming up and one of the features in Windows 11 is that the OS will soon be able to run android applications natively on computers without having to use an emulator. 

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The manor issue with running different OSes on the same device is that each OS requires a specific set of hardware requirement and their kernel software differs, where Windows uses a hybrid kernel, android uses a Linux based kernel and the Apple devices run on Unix kernel. There are also other differences that pose challenges making it difficult for the OS developers to integrate OSes together on a single device. Well, with recent news of Android 13 being capable of running Windows 11 on a smartphone out, its release has been a long-awaited one. 

Well, this news can sound a bit vague, but it’s true, Android 13 will support Windows 11 and will run the OS natively on smartphones. Android’s support for Windows 11 will first be released on Google Pixels 6, after which the feature will be tested on other devices.

Google is currently working on optimizing Android 13 to run Windows 11 on their devices. Well, it is still unclear how Google is about to bring this feature to actuality and they have released the preview version using the KVM technology. 

If you are unaware of the KVM technology, it is a simple yet effective virtual machine feature, where the Linux kernel turns to as a hypervisor allowing to run multiple virtual machines. Well, the KVM technology is pretty old and it has been implemented in Android 13 to allow Windows 11 to be run on the device.

Not just Google has planned to allow Windows 11 to run natively on a smartphone but also Microsoft has introduced features in their Windows 11 OS that allows users to run some android applications natively with the Windows subsystem for Android. So, in the near future, many devices with supported hardware features will be capable of running multiple OSes at once without a problem. 

The integration of Windows 11 into Android 13 is still in its initial stage and Google is running many tests and fixing issues to optimize the running of Windows 11 of Android 13. Well, there will be problems and minor compatibility issues when running Windows 11 on an android device but most Windows 11 features will be functional on smartphones running Android 13. One of the known issues is security. Microsoft is very much concerned about security as the OS runs on a hybrid kernel platform that is not so, secure compared to Linux, Well, this will be addressed and Google will find a way to make this a possibility. 

So, this is pretty much everything we have on the upcoming Android 13 support for Windows 11 OS. Let’s hope that Google brings in a capable system to run Windows 11 on their Android device. 

With all this said, it is up to you to choose to run Windows 11 on an Android platform. The feature is still under testing and will soon be released along with Android 13 on Google Pixels 6. 

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, once the tech is out, you can try running Windows 11 on a compatible Android 13 device.

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