How to Restore File Explorer Classic Spacing in Windows 11

As the saying goes, “old is gold”, some people prefer the older version of the Windows features. Well, with the release of Windows 11 many people have been complaining about the changes in the user interface and the functions of the applications in the OS. So to make things better for people who need the old functions or user interface, there are some methods to change the OS’s look to the classic one. 

Windows 11 was sudden, and most people didn’t expect the OS as Microsoft announced Windows 10 to be the final major release, after which they planned to provide frequent updates to keep the OS alive and running. With Windows 11 announced, enthusiasts and experts have been looking for clues about the OS and its features. So, to support the tech experts and enthusiasts, Microsoft released the developer build on their insider platform.

Microsoft releases many build versions to provide the users with a keen sense of what they will get into when they install Windows 11 after the official release. So until now, there are two developer builds released on the insider platform which is currently used for the test. These builds allow people to dive into the OS and find what the OS has and get ready to explore more and work effectively when the official version comes. Most people who have installed the OS, either provide guides and fixes to help out others with solving an issue in the OS or create vlogs and blogs about the OS, which might later come in handy for people. 

In the latest build released by Microsoft, users have found many glitches and bugs that need to be rectified before the actual release, these features take away the smoothness of the OS and have been a major concern for Windows enthusiasts. Well, at this point we don’t have enough facts about the actual OS so, we have to wait till the official release comes out to find the full features and the bug fixes. 

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So, we can come to some conclusion that Windows 11 is getting a user interface makeover with user-friendly and device-friendly user interface best suitable for touch screen devices, along with UI changes the OS also gets some improvements in the security and privacy features, there are other improvements which mostly are the enhanced features of the Windows 10 OS. so, with this, it is obvious that the user interface gets a total makeover and this may be bad news for some users. Well, this has caused a stir amongst Windows users and they have been hunting down methods and ways to bring back the old look of the applications and tools. So, this article will enclose the method to revert to the classic user interface of the file explorer application.

The classic file explorer was a compact one and some users prefer this version over Windows 11’s file explorer. A compact user interface is pretty beneficial for faster functioning, which reduces the time consumed with navigating through the different icons and folders. Well with this said, you can change the file explorer to a classic version by clicking on some options and that’s it.

File explorer being an important application on Windows, Microsoft has taken steps to update it effectively but users are preferring the old user interface, so with some research, we have got the hands-on method to revert the UI of the file explorer to look like the classic version. Well, the method is simple and needs no complicated operations. 

Restore File Explorer to the Classic Spacing on Windows 11

Well, the classic spacing is pretty much a compact one so, there is nothing to worry about. The file explorer in Windows 11 has the option to compact the items to make them look classic, here we go: follow the methods and make your file explorer look compact and efficient.

  • To set the file explorer to its classic spacing, open the file explorer by pressing the Windows key and the E key on the keyboard, or just open it using the icon on the desktop.
  • Once the file explorer is open, you will find three vertical dots, in the top ribbon, click on it to open the drop-down menu.
  • Here in the drop-down menu, choose options.
  • The options will open in a new window, here, go to the view tab, and toggle the tick mark near the option “decrease space between items (compact view).
  • Now, click on apply and then on ok to save the option.
  • Well, this is a long shot method and there is a simple way to do this, the result will be the same, so to do that:
  • Open the file explorer and in the top ribbon, click on the option immediately left to the three vertical dots, now, select the compact view from the drop-down menu, this will compact all the items in the file explorer.

These are pretty much the methods for compacting the items on the file explorer of Windows 11. The OS is still under construction and it’s too early to comment about the OS, let’s hope that Microsoft thoroughly checks and puts in every ounce of best effort to make Windows 11 a better and a powerful OS. 

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, you can now compact the items and work efficiently with the file explorer on your Windows 11 computer.

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