PhotoScape X Pro 4 Free Download for Windows

Editing photos is a beautiful art that is very difficult to pull off. There are so many different ways that a photo can be edited and so many changes that can be added to a particular photograph.  These changes can involve hue, saturation, colour, and many other aspects of the photo as well. It really takes a lot of skill to be able to adjust the various aspects of the photo in the best possible way to make the photo really shine. If you do your best, you can create some truly amazing photographs.

Having a great software can make the process of editing a lot easier. In this regard, one of the best pieces of photo editing software that you can use is PhotoScape X Pro 4. There are many amazing features on this software that you can use to get the best quality photos that you want.  These features include Cut Out, Collage, Create GIF, Color Picker, and RAW images . You will have a great time with all of these features and trying them out on your computer.

If you want to learn more about PhotoScape X Pro 4 and how to download it on your Mac, please follow the guide that is given below.

Features of PhotoScape X Pro 4

These features will help you learn a lot more about the software and what you can expect from using it:

How to download PhotoScape X Pro 4 for Windows
PhotoScape X Pro 4 for Windows

Spot healing brush

Are there parts of your photo that have blemishes or unwanted spots? If there are, get rid of them with the aid of the spot healing brush that is available on the software.


There may be fog and haze in your photo and you may want to get rid of them. If you do, the Dehaze feature will be of great help to you.


It can be time consuming to have to edit your pictures one at a time. You will not have to worry about doing that anymore with the wonderful Batch feature that will allow you to edit multiple pictures all at once. You can also change the size of many of your photos at the same time. You can also convert your photos to another format if you want to. 

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GIF Creator

If you are somebody who likes seeing animated GIFs and has always wanted to create one of their own, this is the feature for you. You will be able to create your very own GIFs with the help of this feature.


Do you have an interest in recording your actions and replaying them back for yourself? If you do, use the handy Macro feature to record many of your actions at the same time and then play all of them back at the same time. 

Red Eye Correction

A red eye in a picture can completely ruin the look and authenticity of a picture. Using this correction feature will allow you to get rid of all the red eyes that are present in your picture. 

Where can you download PhotoScape X Pro 4 for Windows
Download PhotoScape X Pro 4 for Windows – ISORIVER

Film Effect

Do you want your picture to look like one out of a movie? If you do, apply this effect to your photos so that you will be able to really create that authentic film look.

Cut Out

In case you have any unwanted backgrounds in your picture, you can get rid of them using this feature. 


You will be able to bring many photos together on a single page to create your very own unique collage. Collages are a beautiful way for you to represent your memories or special moments on a page. You can share them with people close to you and celebrate those pictures with them.

Downloading and installing PhotoScape X Pro 4 for free on Windows

If you want to get this software on your computer and try it out for yourself, take a glance at the steps that are here and try implementing them:

  • You can use one of the online browsers that you have and search for a download of the software online. When you do so, select the official website of the software so you can make the download from it. 
  • Doing this will allow you to get to the website. Once you are in, click on the Download Windows 10 button in order to get the free download of the software done. 
  • Wait for some time so that the download can be completed. Once it is done, you will have to select the executable file that has been downloaded. Doing this will cause the installation process to start up. 
  • The Dialog box for the installation process will now start up and you will have to respond to the prompts that are given to you with the appropriate answers. You will have to specify the location on your computer where you want the software to be installed, create a shortcut for it if you want to, and also perform certain additional tasks if you want to. 
  • There will be a button that will allow you to complete the installation once all of these prompts are done. Click this button and allow the software to get installed. You can then try the software and see how it is.

Isn’t it incredible how such a useful software exists to help you edit all of your photos? This wonderful software is chock full of other incredible features that may not have been mentioned here that you can explore on your own. Please download and install this software and try using it if you have not done so before.

You will have a great time checking out all of these useful features and editing your photos with their assistance. Please download this software on your system and try it out if you have not done so before. If you know of anyone that has not tried using this software before, please suggest it to them so they can benefit from using the software. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the article in the comments section below if you wish to. 

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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