Solved: Origin Client Loading Issues for Good – Updated 2020

Origin is an application that is somewhat similar to Steam but is used to distribute digital games worldwide and is developed by The Electronic Arts or popularly known as EA Games Inc. This application is almost available on all platforms present on the market which is Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even on the Facebook platform as well. Therefore, this app can not only be used for digital game distribution but can also be used for digital rights management and even to have a good social network for gamers.

The main and the best component of Origin is its store, where it explores many games that have been launched and can also explore those games that have not yet been launched. Electronic Arts generally offers beta games from upcoming stores in these stores, making players more excited towards Origin as well. Many celebrities download the latest games from this app and post videos of those games on different social media sites and also give reviews on those games. To know more about Set CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground Applications in 2020, drop down to our ISO River page for the detailed insights.

Solved: Origin not loading up properly
Solved: Origin not loading up properly

However, despite all this, some users have a strong complaint about the problems they face when using Origin for their games. And first of all is the blank page, every time they open the application a blank page appears, and then there is no response from the computer. As a result, they have to restart the computer again and start Origin again, but still, that problem occurs over and over again. However, if it does open, it would take a long time to even load everything properly and that too without any corrupted file issues or internet issues.

Fixing Origin Client Issues

To troubleshoot the origin client, the first thing to do is run the Origin software as administrator. Simply by right-clicking the source app and going to its properties. Then navigate to the compatibility tab and then click on the option that says Run this program as administrator and then click ok and take your time to apply those new settings on your pc. This could solve your problem, but if not, check that you have a good internet connection in the place where you currently live. If you face or have any problem just update your router network or even Win networks. And try again.

But it may happen that you have a good internet connection and that you are running the application as administrator, but it still doesn’t work. Then navigate to the task manager and then open the Run app and just look for the program data from the Source file. A window will open in which all folders and files will be deleted, except the Local Content folder, as this file is very important for working with Origin on your platform.

So everything except Local Content. After that, open the Run application again and this time find the Application Data folder on it. A new window will open where you can see that a folder should be there called Source, click on that and then go to your local folder that is there inside that folder and then delete everything containing the Local folder. After that, just restart your computer and check if your problems are solved or not.

Origin Client not Loading Anything?
Origin Client not Loading Anything – Solved

If your issues are also solved by this, just reinstall the Origin app again on your PC because some files may have been skipped during installation, so reinstalling the app again will solve that problem and even your problem. However, be careful that you need to uninstall Origin from your PC completely, even from the program files and AppData. Please note do not remove Origin from games as it will lead you to reinstall even the game back on your PC.

After the uninstallation, simply restart your PC. Then navigate to the EA Origin website and download from there the latest version of Origin that is supported according to your platform settings. However, be aware of the fact that Origin is available in over 19 different languages, so be aware of the fact that it also downloads the correct version of your preference.


Sometimes the Origin Client creates a problem by loading some of the common problems that everyone faces, but all that problem happens in all the applications and for that, you only need to modify some settings that are already on the PC and make some necessary changes according to the problems facing the program. We hope that all the information provided in this article is productive enough to clear all your doubts about solving Origin Client loading problems. But still, if you have any further queries about this issue, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thank you.

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