Online Map Finder: How to Remove (Chrome/Firefox)

Cybersecurity is a big concern for all computer users. With the rise in the use of computers and technologies, there is a rise in cybersecurity concerns all around the world. Every tech provider makes sure to keep their products foolproof and develops different strategies to keep the risk away from their users. Even though the security features are provided by different companies there are many instances where the security will be breached and the data might be stolen or other illegal activities might happen. To ward off these instances the users of the technologies need to be made aware of the cybersecurity issues and how to keep play safe to protect their devices as well as their personal data. There are many third-party tech companies that develop software and tools to eliminate these threats by constantly keeping a tab n the activities of the computer and they will remove or eradicate the threats to make sure the computer is safe and secure. 

Remove Online Map Finder (Chrome/Firefox)

The malicious files and programs have become very powerful and many companies are trying their best to keep up with the security standards, in recent years there are many different types of files and threats commonly classified as viruses, malware, adware, and worms affect the various aspects of the computer. These threats originate from unknown computers as the creators of these kinds of security threatening files keep their profile low and cause damage to the computers of many individuals. These threats mostly utilize the internet as a channel to attach computers and people who surf the internet will get easily affected. With such threatening programs lurking on the internet the users need to be careful of not stumbling upon one to avoid being infected. These malicious programs are very potent and can cause heavy damage to the computer depending on their capabilities to run and damage the system.

With these threats on the rise, users need to take some precautions to prevent the threats to affect them or at least frequently check their computers for any suspicious activities. If the users find any problem or a security breach they can instantly check fot the fix and get things fined by themself or hire a professional to remove the threat. These steps are very essential to maintain the security of the computer as well as the safety of the data stored in the computer. Once the threat is ignored the chances of the computer becoming corrupt is high and can be inevitable. So, taking the issue lightly and leaving it will cause you more trouble and at times financial losses.

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Here in this article, you will learn about the Online Map Finder malware and how it can be removed from your browsers ( Chrome/ Firefox). The methods mentioned here are must-know methods and these can come in handy at any time.

What is an Online map Finder

The Online map Finder is a browser hijacker that gets installed on your computer either as a separate program or as a browser extension and redirects all your searches to If this hijacker has been installed on your computer, you will find your web browser home page to be different than the usual and all the searches will be redirected to the above-mentioned URL. this program could possibly be installed when you try to download files or programs from untrustworthy websites.

How to Remove the Online Map Finder on your Web browsers ( Chrome/ Firefox)

  • You first need to know that whether your browser has been hijacked or not before you proceed to remove the program.
  • If your browser has been infected, you will be able to find out easily as your searches will redirect to another website but not for what you have searched for.
  • Once, you confirm the issue, you can easily remove the program from your browser/ computer.
  • To remove the extension from the browser, reset the settings of the browser by finding the reset option in the settings of the browser. When your browser settings are rested all the installed extensions will be removed and the browser will be new with all default settings.
  • If you want, you can uninstall the browser and reinstall it with a new setup file to eradicate the Online map Finder.
  • You can also uninstall the extension/ add-ons that cause trouble by going to the extension/ add-ons manager of your web browser and uninstalling the Online map Finder extension. This will remove the extension/ add-ons and your browser will return to normal.
How to get rid of OnlineMapFinder Toolbar - virus removal guide

How to remove the Program from the Computer on Windows 10/ 7

  • If the program has been install on the machine, you need to uninstall the program from the settings/ control panel.
  • In a Windows 10 computer, go to the apps and features settings in the settings application and look for the Online map Finder program, once you find it in the list uninstall it. This will remove the program from the computer. The process is the same for Windows 8 OS.
  • In a Windows 7 computer go to the control panel and go to the program’s settings, here look for the Online Map Finder program, and uninstall it from the computer. 

You will find a significant change in your browser when you had removed the program from the computer/ browser. With the program removed, you can access the web browser freely. Make sure that you install good antimalware software on your computer which provides you with a good internet security feature to stay safe in the future. Avoid downloading untrusted websites and most modern web-browsers will warn you about the certification of the website and ask you to go back if the browser finds the website to be a threat. Its always advised to use authentic legitimate websites to make a download. Stay safe over the internet as the net is filled with many such threats that could compromise your security.

Hope the information was helpful and informative, make sure that you use the proper methods to remove the threat from your computer/ browser and remain safe while surfing the internet.

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