How to Download Microsoft Windows 7 Starter ISO – Complete Guide in 2020

Windows Starter ISO is known as one of the coolest operating systems ever released by the Microsoft Incorporation. Windows Starter 7 ISO is a part of the Windows 7 series released by Microsoft in 2009. Microsoft released Windows 7 in more than six different editions. But the main among them is Starter Edition, Home Basic Edition, home premium edition, Professional Edition, and finally the Ultimate edition.

These all got released in 2009. But the users were much excited to see the starter Edition. Windows users never thought that an operating system could be that much Light in size and everything. But as soon it is installed it works more efficiently than a normal Windows operating system.

So, now let’s look upon those things which make Windows 7 Starter ISO still a big thing in this 2020.

How Windows 7 Starter ISO Still a Big Thing In 2020

Windows 7 Starter ISO is still making a good difference in the market because of its coolest features. The main and best feature which every user liked in the Windows 7 Starter ISO is the theme. In the rest, every edition of Windows 7 the theme interface is Windows Aero. But its not there in Windows 7 Starter. It has its visual styles and interface.

Where can you download Windows 7 Starter ISO for free
Windows 7 Starter ISO

Although this is very much basic it’s simple and basic features took a lot of hearts and also did a lot of business in the market. Even up to this date Windows is updating Windows 7 Starter ISO Edition and it is having a great response in the market. To learn more about Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic Edition ISO, drop down to our ISO River page for the detailed insights.

Windows 7 Starter Edition was released only for 32but compatibility. Even this Edition does not support any platform which is more than 2gb RAM. This version is used in offices, and Microsoft knows that the majority of the Windows 7 Starter users are from offices. So they do changes according to them. So that the updates and everything could be very easy and those updates will also upgrade their work and working style.

So now let’s look at how you could download Windows 7 Starter ISO into your platform.

Download Windows 7 Starter ISO

The below-listed steps are for downloading Windows 7 Starter ISO and also for full install of that into your platform. 

  • Download the ISO file of Windows 7 Starter ISO File from the official site of Microsoft. 
  • Do take care of some things while downloading the ISO file
    • Take care of components while downloading the ISO whether it is 32bit or 64bit. Do check over that before downloading it.
    • Do take whether the language in which you are downloading is compatible with you. As Windows 7 Starter ISO was released in more than 115 different languages.
    • Now download the Windows 7 ISO according to the above points.
  • After downloading, the Windows 7 ISO File. Extract all the files from that ISO File to a secured folder.
  • In those extracted files, there would be a setup application in that which would help you to install Windows 7 Starter ISO into your platform.
  • When you open the setup application, it will do everything for you. You just need to accept some policies. Do read them carefully.
  • Meanwhile, the setup application will ask about the login credentials of your Microsoft account. Please add that correctly over there
  • But if you have an account, then please do make it on Microsoft’s official website.
  • After the installation is completed, restart your platform again. 
  • While your platform gets restarted, it would ask about the login credentials of your Microsoft account again. Do add it properly over there
Download Windows 7 Starter ISO for free
Download Windows 7 Starter ISO – ISORIVER

Experience the new change in your platform.

System Requirements Of Windows 7 Starter ISO

These are some of the basic system requirements of Windows 7 starter ISO.

  • The maximum RAM it needs is at least 2 GB.
  • The processor needed for this should be more than 1.5ghz processor with Pentium III.
  • The minimum storage space needed is 10gb.

How to Download Windows 7 Starter ISO-  A complete in 2020

Windows 7 Starter ISO is known as one of the coolest and the best-operating systems ever made by Windows. And Windows has achieved a pot of success by this small start version of Windows. The coolest thing is it’s still getting updated and upgraded. We hope that all the information in this article is productive enough to help you in knowing more about the Windows 7 Starter ISO. But still, you have any doubts regarding this feel free to comment down below in the comment box.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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