Microsoft Store gets Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows 11

Windows 11 has been the topic of discussion for the past few days. This is because Microsoft had released the preview build of Windows 11 on their Windows insider program. Many tech enthusiasts and Windows users have downloaded the preview build to test run the OS. Well, the preview builds are a bit premature but are pretty promising. The OS brings in new and improved features and functionalities. Some of the major feature improvements seen in the OS is the user interface, the security features, improved stores application, and much more. Well, the OS is said to be well suited for smart computers like foldable computers and touch computers. These improvements are pretty great from the overall development of the tech industry. Well, this article is pretty much about the Microsoft stores application which has got new applications and software in its arsenal.

Well, some of you might not have used Microsoft Stores. Well all these years, you would have searched for applications on the internet and download the application file from the website. Well, this was an efficient system until Microsoft released Microsoft stores. Well with the Microsoft stores available you can download all the applications from one place and you don’t have to go look for an authentic website to download software. So, if you are yet to try Microsoft Stores, try it. You will find millions of applications over there and all the approved by Microsoft, so, you will not have security issues.

Well, Microsoft stores had been introduced in Windows 10 and it has been pretty useful. The application is a one-stop solution for downloading software and applications for Windows OS. the application hosts millions of applications and has a daily apps download count nearing 14,00,000. This proves that the application is pretty well used so, Microsoft had planned to improve the application for their Windows 11 OS to provide the users with a good user experience. Well, to be precise, the overall application is getting an upgrade to improve the user experience. And apart from the upgrade, Microsoft stores now host Adobe applications that were not previously available for download from Microsoft stores.

We all would have heard of Adobe at least at one juncture, because Adobe is one of the leading software developers who has been providing us with lots of powerful and useful applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, XD, Acrobat reader, and much more. The company has been developing and releasing software for more than three decades and its software like Photoshop and Illustrator are the industry standards. Well, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the major applications used by almost every computer user. The application is one of the best PDF viewers in the industry. Well, with PDFs being a versatile and widely used document format, having a PDF reader is very important. Well, we all pretty much know the benefits of using a PDF file over other document files, which is the ease of transfer and security. So, with the introduction of AdobeAcrobat Reader on the Microsoft Stores, users can now download the application with ease. 

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So, some of you might be using a web browser to open PDF files and you might wonder why people emphasize the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and edit PDFs. Well, to answer we will put up the features of the application, which will help you understand its importance.

What are the Goodies in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

PDF readers are a must-have application for every computer user. This is because most documents(professional or personal) use PDF format. Well, here are the main benefits of using Adobe acrobat reader to open PDF files.

  • It’s free to download from Microsoft Stores and the official adobe website.
  • You can open and access all PDF files with ease.
  • With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can e-sign a document and 
  • The tools like highlight, underline, strikethrough and sticky notes in the reader are very good and can be easily used to modify the document.

Well, the features are great but there is also one that makes the application worth it is it;s been there in the industry for decades and millions of professional and home computers run it.  Well, if you have not tried the application download it and try it. 

So, with Microsoft stores gettings an update, you can not just download Adobe Acrobat Reader but can download other Adobe applications. Well, you can download Adobe Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Adobe Reader Touch, and Adobe Experience Manager. Well, with all these applications on Microsoft Stores, you can easily download it directly on your computer instead of going to the official Adobe website. 

Well, some of you might be unsure about upgrading to Windows 11 once it releases, so, your worry would be “will the new Microsoft Stores support applications for Windows 10”. Well, this is a pretty common question and the answer is “yes” the new Microsoft Stores application will support Windows 11 applications. So. you can use Windows 10 without worrying.

Even though we have the preview build of the Windows 11 OS most things can only be anticipated once the OS is officially released. So, it’s best that we all wait till the official OS comes out to predict the actual functioning and features, well meantime, you can learn the features using the preview build as it will be the base for Windows 11’s official version.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, try out the Microsoft Stores application once it is released to find out all the new and best applications to run your computer efficiently.

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