Microsoft Office to be Redesigned in Windows 10 and Windows 11

The hype for Windows 11 is extensive. Microsoft has a pretty large user base and some users turn into fans and follow every move of the company to learn stuff and be updated with what’s new. Well, Windows 11 is a hot topic, that is being discussed in most tech sites and communities. People are ready for the updates and are checking in with hardware requirements and features of the OS. the OS is about to bring in new and improved features, resulting in a new generation. Windows 11 was sudden and this was not expected by anyone as Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 would be the last major OS version and it will provide series of updates to make the OS better with time. 

Microsoft has already released the developer Windows 11 OS on the insider program platform, enabling users and enthusiasts to test and run the OS prematurely. The developer version is pretty promising which makes things intriguing. The official Windows 11 OS is to be released late this year. The developer versions are being tested and run to explore the features and find fixes and methods for performing complex and configurational tasks like pinning the recycle bin to the taskbar and much more. With such things happening in the background, Microsoft has planned to release an upgraded Microsoft Office package that will have a new and intuitive user interface. 

A lot has been happening in the Windows world, Microsoft is pretty busy with their upcoming Windows 11 and are planning it grandly. The features and improvements the OS brings are pretty promising and additionally, Microsoft Office gets a new UI and other minor feature updates. Microsoft has planned to release the update along with Windows 11 so it would be a match for the Windows 11 OS.

The new user interface is quite similar to the user interface of Windows 11. And office also has many new inclusions which will make it pretty versatile. So, here we need to mention at least a few benefits of Microsoft office as this article is all about Microsoft Office. So, to begin with, Microsoft Office is a package software, which has been in the industry since 2000.  Microsoft Office has come a long way from being a basic document manipulation package software to a full-fledged, industry-standard document manipulation package software. The package has been used by almost every business and company all around the world. The latest version i.e the one that is in use is cloud-based and is more advanced than the previous ones. 

Here are some insights about the upcoming Microsoft Office software. Well, to match the user interface of the Windows 11 Office package has been improved and certain interface aspects are similar to the Windows 11. The pairing of Windows 11 and Microsoft Office in terms of the user interface will boost the aesthetic value of the OS as well as Microsoft Office. The user interface improvement in Microsoft Office will also suit Windows 10 so users who wish not to upgrade to Windows 11 can enjoy using Office. 

Key Changes to the user Interface of Microsoft Office that is about to Release

  • Option to change the theme colour, you can choose from different modes like dark mode, white theme, black etc. 
  • Design principles are implemented to make the applications more elegant. Microsoft Office has always implemented design principles in their applications but this version will have improved design and versatile design to suit the OS.
  • Consistent design. All the applications in the package will have a consistent design to make functioning and navigating the application easier.
  • Rounded corners. The rounded corner feature will be emphasised in Windows 11 to suit the OS. 
  • More customizable features. 
  • Fluent design.

You can download and use the new Microsoft Office applications from the office insider. You can get access to the office insider by creating an Office insider account.

  • To get access to the new Microsoft Office software (the developer build to be precise). You need to have a Microsoft 365 account.
  • In any Office, application click on the files option from the ribbon.
  • Here, go to accounts and then click on Office insider.
  • Now, select join office insider.
  • Now, check the tick box near the option “Sign me up for early access to new releases of Office”. 
  • Now, choose Beta Channel from the drop-down menu.
  • Once done, check the box near I agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click on Ok.
  • The process is complete, you will be able to access the upcoming Microsoft office beta version once it is released for use. You can opt-out at any time from the beta version and start using the normal version that is Microsoft 365, by disabling the coming soon option from the top right corner.

This is pretty much what you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft office Application and the redesign. The redesign will work well with both Windows 11 and Windows 10 except for some features on Windows 10. Just wait for a couple of days for Microsoft to release the beta version then test it out on your computer. You can also download Windows 11 using the Microsoft insider program and then use Microsoft office to experience the full user interface upgrade.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, you are on a spree of learning everything about Windows 11, so get going and learn a lot, so you will be able to master Windows 11 once the official version arrives and work efficiently.

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