Fixed: Lock Option Missing From Windows 10 Power Menu

Windows 10 is a very versatile and powerful OS platform with many interesting features. The OS is built to run the computer efficiently and provide users with important functions to make access easier. The user interface of the OS is well designed and provides the utmost usability features. You will find all the options and functions in the respective locations and can easily access them without confusion. You can enable, disable and hide the features and functions in the OS according to your preferences. You can also use powerful troubleshooting features to rectify errors to make the OS function normally.

The lock feature is one such cool feature, that is used for locking the computer without shutting down the computer, allowing the user to continue working after the lock is unlocked. The lock function is a very useful function, that you can use to lock the computer for a temporary period of time and use the computer by unlocking it with a password. This is a function that has really good use and is probably used by every Windows user.

Lock Option Missing From Windows 10 Power Menu - Step by Step Guide
Lock Option Missing From Windows 10 Power Menu

By locking your user with the lock option, you can ensure the safety of your user account and avoid theft or other misuses of your computer by others, this lock feature will come in handy in office situations, where you will take short breaks and shutting down and starting the computer can not be the viable option as you need to save your progress and then shut down the computer.

You can lock the user by using the lock option from the power menu or use the keyboard shortcut. Sometimes, due to some technical issues, the lock option in the power menu disappears or goes missing, at times like this, you can use the keyboard shortcut or enable the lock option by changing certain settings on your computer. You will learn how to enable the lock option in the power menu and learn the shortcut keys to lock your computer.

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How to Enable the Lock Option in the Power Menu of Windows 10

Enabling the lock function can be pretty simple. You just need to navigate to the options that will allow you to enable the lock option on the power menu. There are many methods to enable the lock option, you can use the one that feels easy for you or the one that works for you. Just be careful with the control pannes and the registry editor as they are very powerful settings tools and any wrong move will affect the user experience and. The computer’s behavior

Method 1

  • Open up the control panel, by searching control or by selecting the control panel option from the start menu.
  • Choose the hardware and sounds option from the panel.
  • Now, open the power option from the list in the hardware and sound option.
  • From the left pane, choose “Choose what the power button does”.
  • Now, click on the change settings that are currently unavailable, if the radio boxes are greyed out.
  • Now, mark a tick in the check box next to the lock option.
  • You can now access the lock option from the Power menu in Windows 10.

Method 2

  • Open up the registry editor, by searching for it in the search bar.
  • Once the registry editor opens, now, you have to navigate to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer \FlyoutMenuSettings. 
  • On the left-hand side pane, find the ShowLockOption.
  • Double click on the ShowLockOption and enter the value 1, and then delete the ShowLockoption. 
  • This will enable the lock option in the power menu.
Windows 10 Security - Lock Screen option has gone

These options are the long way of enabling the lock option. You actually need not have the lock option enabled as you can use the keyboard shortcuts built-in the Windows OS, this shortcut is universal and works on any computer. You just need to press the Windows key and the letter L simultaneously to lock your user, you can unlock the computer with your password as usual. This method is far easier. You can save your time a lot more by using shortcuts than by doing things the old-school way.

These methods mentioned above are pretty basic and can be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of computers. You need to be careful while changing the settings, and make sure that you don’t mess with other settings or you may end up making the computer function different and struggle with controlling the computer. 

The lock option is a very useful function and can be very useful to any computer user. You can instantly lock your user and do other jobs that do not require a computer, you can take quick breaks and continue doing your work on the computer by unlocking it with the password. Using the shortcut makes the locking even easier. 

Hope the information provides above was useful and you were able to enable the lock option in the Power menu. We hope, you have learned something useful from the article and could put it to good use. Share the information with friends and family, who you think will need the lock option to work efficiently and secure their user easily.

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