How to fix Kindle fire not Showing up on Windows 10

Reading books is a very good habit that billions of people do every day to keep themself updated or have some fun reading stuff for entertainment. Reading books can be an appetizing thing for one’s mind and many recommend at least 30 minutes of book reading every day in today’s world there are several ways to read books and as always the most fascinating method is by using a physical book, but in recent times there have been many advancements like kindle, PDF readers on tablets, audiobooks and much more which many people enjoy and makes book reading simple. 

Well, in today’s world, mostly everything has got a digital alternative and people are getting used to it and have begun to like its effectiveness. Books by the way have been replaced by audiobooks and online digital versions to some extent making them widely accessible and efficient to access. These features have attracted many readers into moving digital with books and adapting to digital books. Well, the kindle as a device has been a great device for readers who prefer light and portable devices for reading books and Amazon has done a great thing in innovating such a device and marketing it for people to use.

Well if you are an avid reader, you might already have a kindle fire or a kindle to read your favorite books wherever you go. So, such a handy device needs to be compatible with computers so file transfer and other activities involving computers become easier, well, at times connectivity becomes difficult and here in this article, we are about to discuss the connectivity issue of Kindle Fire with Windows 10 PC.

The Kindle ebook reader allows users to download books onto their devices to read. You can do this with just about any book, not just ebooks. You can easily find free books online or at libraries. This version of the Kindle is similar to the regular Kindle book readers, but comes with a much larger screen and has apps pre-installed. Apps include the Amazon Appstore, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, Pandora, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, and many others. So, simply put Kindle fire is a tablet with Kindle benefits. Moreover, this is a great innovation as users can get a bundle by purchasing this device instead of separately purchasing a Kindle and a tablet.

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So if you are stuck with connection failure when trying to connect your Kindle Fire to a Windows 10 computer, there might be some very basic issues preventing the connection from happening. So, to help you out of the situation here are some very simple and straightforward methodologies to fix the issue right away. So follow along and fix the issue with ease.

fixing the issue becomes easy when we find the cause of the problem and most issues on computers can be boiled down to a few issues that are very related to the device or feature.

Simple and Effective Methods to Fix the Kindle Fire not Showing up on Windows 10

So here in our case, the root cause of the problem can be boiled down to poor connectivity between, the decivse, a loose cable, an unsupported device driver, and an updated OS.

Method 1: Use MTP USB Device Manager:

  • Press Windows + X to open the Start menu.
  • Select Device Manager. Click Show and select the Show hidden devices option.
  • Find Kindle Fire in Device Manager. Right-click on it and select the “Update Driver Software” option.
  • Select Browse my computer for driver software. Select Let me choose from the list of available drivers on my computer.
  • Select Portable devices and click Next.
  • Uncheck Show compatible hardware and select USB MTP device. Click Next to install the driver.

Method 2: Update the Drivers

Old drivers are a very popular reason for many issues on computers and the old driver will cause compatibility issues updating the driver can be a very simple yet potential fix for any issue related to the drivers on the computer. So here is a simple step-by-step process to update the driver.

  • Open the device manager using the search bar on the taskbar.
  • Here in the device manager, go to the USB drivers and update all of the drivers with the latest version of the driver.
  • If you have plugged in the Kindle fire devices find whether the Kindle fire driver is installed on your computer, if not get the driver from the internet and install it to use the Kindle fire on Windows.

Method 3: Use PTP Mode on Kindle Fire for File Transfer

Enabling the PTP option will allow you to access the photos on the Kindle Fire, if the MTP doesn’t work, you can opt for the PTP option and enable file transfer. 

  • To enable the PTP option, connect the Kindle device to your computers using a compatible USB cable.
  • Now in the notification bar of the Kindle, you will get a notification that asks for the connection type.
  • Click on the notification to open it and here check the box near the PTP option to enable it.
  • Now on the computer, you will see a media device from which you can transfer photos.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with these simple methods you can easily fix the issue and connect your Kindle Fire to your Windows 10 computer.

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