Fixed: Intel Wireless Bluetooth Errors that cause Slowdowns

Devices like computers, mobiles and other smart devices have been equipped with lots of techs features making them convenient and highly usable. One great technology making these smart devices great is wireless technology. Well, every modern computer comes with wireless technologies built-in so users can connect to peripheral devices on the go and access the features. Wireless tech is everywhere from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi and much more making communications and connections simpler, but at times, these techs cause issues and slow down the user. So, here in this article, we will discuss one of the issues faced by users with Intel Wireless Bluetooth.

How to fix Intel Wireless Bluetooth Errors that cause Slowdowns

Well, Intel is one of the leading Wireless Tech providers for laptops and computers. Most computers come with Intel wireless tech installed and these chips are pretty good and function well. Bluetooth is a major Wireless tech that has gained popularity and is currently used on all smart devices. This tech was invented in the late 1980 and was first publicly used in 1999.

Ever since the tech has been improved and developed to make it one of the best short-range communication techs. There are many devices that come with built-in Bluetooth and that can be paired up with laptops and computers with a Bluetooth feature. Generally, media devices like digital cameras, headphones are connected via Bluetooth to modern computers. Well, with Bluetooth being widely used, any issue with Bluetooth’s functioning on a computer can be difficult and cause issues to the users. Well, many users have been reporting errors with their Bluetooth devices and mainly computers with Intel wireless chops are the cause for the error. 

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Well, here in this article we have put out some simple methods to fix the errors with Intel’s Wireless tech and continue using the BlueTooth with great ease. 

Simple Methods to Troubleshoot/ Fix the Intel’s Wireless Bluetooth Error

So, mentioned below are some simple methods to fix Intel’s Wireless Bluetooth error on Windows computers.

Method 1: Run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Well, the Windows OS comes with built-in troubleshooters that can be used when needed. And several troubleshooters can be used to address different issues on the computer.

  • To troubleshoot the Bluetooth, open the Settings application on the computer.
  • Here, go to the update and security feature.
  • Here, select the troubleshoot option.
  • In the troubleshoot option select the additional troubleshooter option to find the Bluetooth troubleshooter.
  • Now, run the Bluetooth troubleshooter and fix the error on your computer.

Method 2: Update the Bluetooth Drivers

Updating the drivers will help with fixing minor errors causing trouble. 

  • To update the drivers, open the device manager by searching for the device manager in the search bar.
  • Here, find the Bluetooth driver and then right-click on the driver.
  • Now, select the Update driver option.
  • Now, select the automatically search for updates option, so the internet will be searched for the newest driver.

You can also install the latest version of the driver from the Intel website, and manually install it on your computer.

Method 3: Try Running the Intel Driver and Support Assistant

Intel has Driver and support assistant just for these purposes, this tool is built to find and fix errors with Intel drivers, so using it to run a diagnostic can help you with fixing the error on your computer.

  • Go to Intel’s official website and download the Intel driver& support assistant.
  • Install the tool and run it to check for issues with Intel’s driers. The tool wil find and fix issues with Intel drivers.

Method 4: Disable the Turn on Fast Startup Setting and Reinstall the Bluetooth Driver

A fast start-up is an option that compromises on the start-up of some components to speed up the start-up, and disabling this option will provide the OS with ample time to run all the necessary files before the computer starts, so the OS is fully functional and there is no compromise. So, disabling this feature before uninstalling the driver and restarting the computer will provide you with a better restart and the OS can prepare itself to install the drivers without any compromises.

  • Open the control panel by using the search bar.
  • Now, in the control panel, go to the power options.
  • Here, choose the “what the power buttons do”.
  • Now, click on the change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Now uncheck the box near Turn on fast startu\-up(recommended).
  • Now save the changes and exit the control panel.
  • Now open the device manager,
  • Navigate to the Bluetooth drivers.
  • Right-click on the Bluetooth driver and then click on the uninstall button.
  • Now, restart the computer and the driver will be installed automatically.

Well, there is pretty much everything you can do to resolve the issue with Bluetooth. With the error being minor, any of these methods will work, but you have to try to find out which methods work for you and make sure you fix the issue with your Bluetooth driver. Make sure you try one of these methods and fix the error with Bluetooth and start using the device with great efficiency.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with these simple methods, you can effectively fix the error with your wireless Bluetooth and use the feature on your computer with ease.

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