Insiders can Now Grab ISO Files for the Next Version of Windows 10

Microsoft had been making computing easy ever since they established their corporation. They had build OSes and other assisting computer stuff to make life a bit easier and provide the world with the ability to compute and perform difficult tasks using the computer. Microsoft has provided the World with one of the best computer operating system platforms that are used by millions to run their computer. The OS is versatile and provides powerful features to the users and makes computing easier. With their expert development crew, they think of enriching the OS with more features to make the OS much better and provide their customers with the best OS to work with.

Computers have become a very integral part of people. Computers have got more applications and can assist humans with performing many simple to complex tasks with ease and simplicity. The skill of using the computer has become a very necessary skill and is considered as a basic skill to be known by all. In such a situation the Windows OS plays a very crucial role in the development and Microsoft provides full support to the users by updating and transforming the OS to make it provide more enhanced features to the users.

Windows 10 21H1 ISOs are now available for Insiders

Previously Microsoft used to provide updates with an entirely new version of the OS or will introduce the updated versions as service packs 1,2, 3, etc. With the internet being used extensively, Microsoft had grabbed the opportunity to move all the activities to the internet and have been providing the features through the internet. Windows 10 OS is one such OS that you can avail from the official Microsoft website and install it to your OC without having to purchase a CD or a DVD to install the OS. With such advancements, Microsoft has also taken their updation feature to the internet and has incorporated the feature directly into the Windows 10 OS and users can access the feature from the settings of the computer. Windows will automatically scan for updates and inform the users about the availability of the update and also will guide the users in performing an update. There are many other options available to the updation feature of Windows 10 OS that will aid the user to change the settings according to their preferences and convenience. 

Windows 10 is the last and final OS that will be released by Microsoft and only updates will be provided to the users through the update feature in the OS. this is what Microsoft has officially presented and is following the protocols until now. They regularly provide updates to the users. Well there are some 

Windows enthusiasts and intrigued developers can access the Windows OS updates and stuff before anyone else from the dev channel of Microsoft. The dev channel was created by Microsoft to bets test their Oses and software before releasing it to the actual users. The dev channel is easy to use and anyone with a subscription can access the files Microsoft puts-up there and can test run the updates or the new versions. 

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How to Grab the ISO File for The Next Version of Windows 10  (21H1)

You will learn how to get your hands on the upcoming version of Windows 10 21H! From Windows insider. So, here is how you can do it.

  • You need insider account access and getting that is very simple. You can be a Windows Insider for free and access all the Microsoft features in advance.
  • Open up your settings> go to updates and security> look for Windows Insider program.
  • Here, click on the get started button to become an insider.
  • Once done with getting the Insider access, open up the Windows dev channel on your web browser.
  • Find the ISO file on the website and install the updates on your computer.
  • Once you are done with the installation you are good to use the OS.
Windows 10 build 10130 ISO Files now available

The upcoming Windows 10 update the WIndows 10 21H1, not a very exciting update released by Microsoft, it mostly is filled with major and minor bug fixes and provide little feature upgrade to the OS like improvements in Microsoft Edge and few minor feature updates. You can avail of the version from the dev channel and install the OS to check out the features by yourself. The update is not full-fledged and is still under the final stages of testing and fixing, there might be crashes and bugs that may cause minor errors to your PC. However, the update is worth installing as it brings in many fixes to the pre-existing bugs in the Windows 10 OS. the community support in Windows Insider is very good and you can learn much more about the OS and function efficiently with the 

The process is very simple and straightforward. You can directly install the ISO file and get started with the upcoming Windows 10 update. Once you are an insider you can freely access all the software and unreleased versions for free. You can check out the vast community in the insider and learn to use the OS efficiently. 

Hope you can get a good idea on how to avail the upcoming Windows 10 update from the Windows Insider and get a deep knowledge of the version of the OS. you can test the OS and report for bugs so Microsoft will work on them and perfect the update before releasing it for general users.

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