How to fix connection not a private problem

“The world wide web is the start of a lot of great things and the end of certain beautiful things”

We wouldn’t know much about the end part of the quote mentioned above, but we do know that the internet has helped the world by plenty.

All your questions, however complex they may seem are easily answered by this simple task of typing them in your speedy search engines. These modern virtual machines provide results scattered across vast spaces of the world wide web. It is almost like casting a net for fishing. The only difference is that the net is cast to pluck a certain type of fish out of the water.

How to Fix “Your Connection is Not Private” Error in Google  chrome
Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error in Google

These search engines can also be a little buggy or cause problems from time to time. With the development in the field of search engines, most of them have vanished from the face of the world wide web. But some problems persist owing to human or casual software errors.

One such problem is the connection not private error in the google chrome web browser. If you are browsing certain sensitive or personal information, you may cringe a little at the advent of this error across your screen. This error occurs in your browser window due to a multitude of reasons such as insecure SSL connection between your system and the data server. The reasons may be a lot, but we are focused on bolting down every single reason for your benefit.

We don’t just plan to stop in reasons, but also on giving you the easiest ways to get through those errors. Cause we care about you and respect the time you take to read this article. So here goes our list of the various ways to fix the ” connection not private” problem.

What are the various ways to fix “connection not private” error

Your connection may not be private due to SSL certificate errors, as SSL is very important to maintain a trusted and reliable connection between the users and the worldwide web. Below are some common reasons for the browser failing to establish a proper internet connection.

Problems caused by Antivirus software

Antivirus software is a very important tool and software, ever since computers became part of our everyday life. They help secure our systems from potential threats ( virus and malware ) and also helping to prevent data stealing by random cyber attackers.

This highly useful software may sometimes cause an SSL certificate error, thereby inducing a “connection not private” error.

CAUSE:- Antivirus software can sometimes block strange SSL certifications and connections.

CURE:- you can turn off this feature in your antivirus software boot up menu. If you do not have this option you can rather disable the antivirus software while running that particular website.

Date and Time Error

Date and time are used by all the software in your operating system. the same applies for your web browser applications.

Date and time error
Date and Time Error

CAUSE:- Improper date and time can lead to the mismatch among the SSL certificates provided by the website to the google chrome browser.

CURE:- You can go to the date and time setting in the control panel and adjust the settings to revert it to “automatic”. The date and time can also be adjusted manually to reach a certain satisfaction for yourself.

Clearing cookies and Caches of chrome might help

Every web browser stores a certain kind of data known as cookies and cache. They can be very useful for the user by enabling good personalization and familiarization.

Clearing cookies and Caches of chrome might help
Clearing Cookies and Caches of Chrome

Caches and cookies store various user preferences and other information related to each unique website.

CAUSE:- lots of stored cookies may cause a problem.

CURE:- it can be cured by deleting all the cache and cookies stored across the storage of Google chrome.

Simple head the settings option under chrome main menu and select delete browsing data option. The check the boxes of cookies and cache and delete the data.

Add “ ignore certificate error” as a chrome shortcut

There is no special cause as this is sort of a shortcut in itself.

You can go to the properties tab by right-clicking on the icon and selecting the properties option. In the target, tab adds ” ignore certificate errors” at the end of the text in the available text box.

Add “ ignore certificate error” as a chrome shortcut
Add “ Ignore Certificate Error” as a Chrome Shortcut

The above-mentioned techniques are the various ways in which you can prevent the Connection is not a private error that almost irritates you every time you log in to the internet. There are always various applications that will do the job for you but the risk factor becomes high when you are done with the fixes.

Here is a Pro-Tip:- Never ever trust malicious pop-ups that come on your screen when you face the issue. It might be misleading you to another website that might probably infect your system with a virus. Stay safe!

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