Enable and Open Windows Mobility Center on Windows – If it’s not Showing

Windows OS has a lot of mobility features and tools that will make your life better, so you can access and use the OS to the fullest. These tools and features can be deployed with ease and can be handy when needed. With each Windows update, the OS brings in something new that makes the life of users simple by making, using the computer easier. So, with such improvements and features added to the OS, some handy components remain in the OS or get better even more, so users get much-improved usability of the system. So, here in this article, we will discuss one of the simple yet most useful tools called Windows Mobility Center. So, hop on to learn more.

Oftentimes, the tools built in the OS are put in separate windows or tool boxes so, users can access them separately and easily without having to open any other box or the Settings application, but other features are to be accessed through either settings or control panel, so these easy to access tools are built to provide better mobility to users. These tools can be extensively used for accessing the different components with ease and can be accessed by using special shortcuts. Well, in some cases, even such super easy-to-use tools can be difficult to access because of some underlying errors or counterfeit applications and features, so in such cases, users will have to use or access these features through the settings application or by other means, so, users might feel the need for fixing the issue. Well, in our case, the feature that is not able to find is the Windows Mobility Center.

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The Windows Mobility Center is a small toolbox with a set of tools that will provide the user with the access to modify or alter some features on the Windows system like display brightness, sound option, battery mode, display manager, sync center and presentation option. These tools can be handy when using a personal computer but not for laptops as most modern laptops come with dedicated keys to perform most of these functions. So, if you are using a Windows personal computer and is unable to access the Microsoft Mobility Center, this article will portray some simple methods that you can use, so you can access the Mobility Center with ease.

Before we get into the solution part, let’s first learn the root cause of the issue on Windows computers, so it becomes easier for us to understand and better handle the issue. The major cause for this trouble can be:

  • The system file that is responsible for the Mobility Center goes corrupt.
  • The display setting may be set to a lower resolution.
  • The system administrator has disabled the Mobility Center.

So, with the causes known, we can dive into learning the methods to make things right, so you can easily access the Windows Mobility Center on Windows computers.

Some Simple Methods of Unable to find the Windows Mobility Center on Windows OS

Mentioned here are some simple methods to fix the unable to find the Windows Mobility Center on Windows systems these methods are pretty simple and you can follow along with ease. 

Method 1: Use the Start Menu to Access the Windows Mobility Center

The start menu is a one-stop solution for many issues on Windows computers as this menu has tools like search which can be effectively implemented and used to locate different features on Windows computers here, we will use the search tool to access the Windows Mobility Center.

  • To access the Windows Mobility Center, click on the start menu and here, click on the search bar.
  • Here, in the search bar type in Windows Mobility Center and hot enter.
  • Now, the search results will appear and here from the search results, open the Windows Mobility Center option and then use the tools in it.

Method 2: Check Whether the Computer has the Mobility Center Application

Sometimes some built-in features of Windows can go missing and in our case, this might have happened with the Windows Mobility Center application, and we have to check whether the application is available on the computer.

  • To check for the Windows Mobility Center on your computer, press the shortcut Windows + X and here in the list look for Windows Mobility Center.
  • If this tool is available here, you can access it with ease, if it is missing then the application might have been accidentally removed from the computer.

Method 3: Run the SFC Scan to Fix issues with Windows System Files

As mentioned above, any issue with the Windows system files can be a cause of this issue and to check for it, you can use the built-in command which will resolve system files-related issues.

  • To use the SFC command, open the Command Prompt as an administrator by searching for the command prompt in the search bar and here, right-clicking on the command prompt icon and then selecting the run as administrator.
  • Now, here in the command prompt type in SFC and then hit enter.
  • The scan will happen and once completed, you need to restart the computer, if there was an issue with the system file, it will be fixed and you can access the Windows Mobility Center with ease.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with these simple methods, you can fix the unable to access Windows Mobility Center on Windows computers.

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