How to Enable or Disable Sticky Keys on Windows 10

Windows OS is a very versatile one and is one of the most used OS on the planet. Well, the parent company Microsoft has been doing a great job of providing a great operating system to run computers. Well, when it comes to Windows, The features offered are varied and are far ahead of the time. Most of the time, Microsoft was the one who introduced new things to the tech world fueling a revolution. With a great revolution, now, we are at a point where we have achieved a lot in terms of technology and we are about to scale up to a new era of artificial intelligence-based computers and technologies.

The most popular operating system used today is Microsoft Windows 10. It was released in July 2015 and has been receiving constant updates ever since. Windows 10 is the successor to Windows 8 and Windows 7. It features a modern interface, called Microsoft’s Fluent Design System along with many enhancements over its predecessors. Windows 10 brings many features to the table and even with Windows 11 released for use, many users have stuck on using Windows 10 as the OS is much more stable and compatible with features and applications. However Windows 10 introduced some new features, some old features were retained for good on the OS and these features are set to be developed further and improved for the users to get the fullest out of these features. One such feature that was retained in the Windows 10 OS is the sticky key feature. 

Sticky Keys are a feature that lets users assign various commands to their keyboard shortcuts. When you press the assigned key combination, the command opens with a specific application instead of the default applications. You may have accidentally pressed the wrong key combination while trying to use a shortcut. In this case, you should clear out the shortcut and then reassign it to something else. 

Well, on Windows computers there are hundreds of readily available keyboard shortcuts that you can use to easily summon many functions of the computer. The keyboard shortcuts are the keys on your keyboard that allow you to perform certain tasks faster than going through the menus/windows. There are many different types of shortcuts, depending on what type of task you want to do. So, the shortcuts on Windows are a very useful and interesting feature making life simple for the users. 

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So, on Windows, there are 4 modifier keys on the keyboard that can be used as sticky keys and they are the Alt key, the shift key, the ctrl key, and the window logo key. These keys make things easier on Windows OS allowing users to use shortcuts easily. So, basically what happens when you enable the sticky keys option on Windows 10 is that the 4 modifier keys can be used hands-free, like when you want to close an application on your computer, the simple shortcut is Alt F4 Right? What you will normally do is press hold of the Alt Key and then press the F4 key, so, this can be pretty difficult and sometimes not work as the Alt key is no longer pressed down, so when you enable the sticky keys on your computer, you can now press the also key and then leave it and then press the F4 key to close the application. The sticky keys option will press and hold the alt key for you, so you can easily use the shortcuts on your computer.

So, here we are about to discuss enabling and disabling the sticky keys on Windows 10 OS, so here are two simple methods that you can use to enable or disable the sticky keys on your Windows 10 computer. 

Simple Methods to Enable or Disable the Sticky Keys on Windows 10

So, there are two easy methods that you can employ to enable or disable the sticky keys on your Windows 10 computer and they are listed below.

To Enable the sticky Key on Windows 10

  • So the simplest method to enable the sticky keys in Windows 10 is by pressing the shift Key on the keyboard five times continuously.
  •  When you do this you will get a Windows dialogue box mentioning that Do you want to turn on Sticky Keys?

Sticky Keys lets you use the SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, or Windows Logo keys by pressing one key at a time. The keyboard shortcut to turn on Sticky Keys is to press the SHIFT key 5 times.

  • So now the sticky keys have been enabled.

Well, times they enabled sticky keys can be of trouble. That is mostly when you are extensively using the keyboard like gaming it typing. So it is best that you keep the features off when not in use. 

To Disable the sticky Key on Windows 10

  • You just have to go to the ease of access settings on our computer and here go o the keyboard options.
  • Now toggle off the switch near the sticky keys to disable it.

So, this is how easily you can enable and disable the sticky keys in your Windows 10 computer. 

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with these easy steps you can easily enable or disable the sticky keys on your keyboard depending on your interests.

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