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Visual Studio 2012 was created because Microsoft wanted to create a larger array of applications whilst also embracing certain kinds of development methodologies(particularly agile). Applications of incredible quality can be created and the shaky bridge between software developers and IT professionals can now be bridged beautifully.

The introduction of the ability for Visual Studio to now builds Windows 8 applications has been noted to be very important. There were numerous downloads of the software and many customers loved using it.

The wealth of new features that was introduced was one of the reasons that Visual Studio 2012 found such a large and loving audience.

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Features of Visual Studio 2012

These are some of the features of Visual Studio 2012 that users will be happy to find out more about:

How to download Visual Studio 2012 for free
Visual Studio 2012

Revamped User Interface(UI)

Many users disliked the way that the user interface was before and wanted it changed. The developers had made an attempt to make the code fragments stand out more but this backfired as it made the UI look terrible. In the new UI, there are wonderful additions of colour and it is much easier to visually separate the toolbar icons. The game installer that has been introduced in this version has also been praised by users.

Metro-style applications

The user can now create Metro-style apps using programming tools like JavaScript, HTML, XAML, and C++(C# as well). Many interesting Metro-style app templates have also been added to Visual Studio 2012. Windows phone applications are now also supported.

Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5

Whenever a new iteration of Visual Studio is released, there is usually a .NET Framework that comes along with it. The Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 is the one that users got in Visual Studio 2012. There is wonderful new support for parallelism that has been added. There is also support for IPV6, zip compression, HTML 5, and WebSockets. The Web Form ASP.NET has been updated so that many kinds of handles and modules can be supported in an asynchronous manner.


Before the release of Visual Studio 12, LightSwitch was a product that users had to get separately on their own. In the new version, LightSwitch comes already installed in Visual Studio so users don’t have to spend extra money getting it separately. LightSwitch is a fantastic developer tool that has been boosted by a wonderful theme upgrade and performance improvements.

IIS Express

In the previous versions of Windows Visual Studio, there used to be an ASP.NET Development Server that had to be used as a default web server when it came to running and testing web applications locally. Users had to face many horrible difficulties with certain system incompatibilities and the like which prevented them from enjoying their applications the way they were meant to. With the new version of Visual Studio, IIS express can be used as the default web server locally. This is a self-contained version of IIS that has all the amazing capabilities of the IIS. It should be noted that it does not run as a service.

Support for Windows Runtime(WinRT)

There has also been new support added for Windows WinRT along with Metro and Windows 8. This is the latest programming model that is being employed by Metro. The new version of Visual Studio supports all kinds of development for WinRT in languages such as C#, VB, JavaScript, and C++. The user can write programs using WinRT and let them run on both ARM and Intel processors.

New Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer that has been newly introduced in this version can be viewed as somewhat of a cross between the Class View and Object Browser in the previous version. Users can easily navigate the objects of their projects and get into properties and methods as well. This exploring option also allows users to find and preview any files or other items that they want to.

Where can you download Visual Studio 2012 for free
Download Visual Studio 2012 for free – ISORIVER

New SQL Server Object Explorer

Visual Studio has never really had a good reputation when it came to SQL Server navigation. Well, users do not have to worry as the new version of Windows Studio offers them a fantastic Explorer that acts more like the SQL Server Management Studio than the Server Explorer in the previous iteration of Visual Studio. Now, the new version allows users to look at columnar data types and keys(primary and foreign).

Downloading Visual Studio 2012

It is very simple to download Visual Studio 2012. The user has to log on to the Microsoft Visual Studio website using their Visual Studio Subscription account when they are asked to after selecting the download button. In case they do not have this account, they can easily create one by selecting the Create a new Microsoft account option which will be available to them on the login page. 

There have been so many different iterations of Visual Studio which just shows how much care and effort Microsoft has put into ensuring that this piece of software can be as great as it possibly can be. We loved preparing this article because we got to see how many new amazing features were added in this version of Windows Visual Studio 2012.

We also got to share this information with people that are interested in it and that fills us with incredible joy. Please research more about the different versions of Visual Studio so that you will have the knowledge that you need in order to pick the one that you need. You can try them all out just for the fun of it as well. If you have any queries about the content that has been delivered or wish to discuss anything with us, please feel free to drop a comment below.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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