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The Microsoft office has been so far the standby tool for many of the office applications that are prevalent in the industry. There are a lot of systems that rely upon the Microsoft platform to get their day-to-day job done on the same. The biggest ordeal that we face is document handling and that means there are a lot of ways in which you can use the software to benefit documentation.

The key highlights of the office software are that it has the tool for every official use you can think of. Especially when you have a system that is based on the Mac operating system, it is highly advisable of you to use Microsoft office to complete all your official works. 

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The process working of the software is highly concentrated and the framework is in such a way that the complexity involved in the process is lessened. There has been a lot of significant updates that have been given in the newest version of Microsoft office 98. 

Where can you download Office 98 Macintosh
Download Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition

The package of Microsoft office 98 involves the following tools:

  1. Microsoft Excel 
  2. Outlook Express 4.0
  3. Internet Explorer 4.0
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint 98
  5. Microsoft Word 98

All these packages cover different aspects of documentations and this means that there has been a significant amount of possibilities with which you can use. 


Microsoft Excel 98

Microsoft excel 98 is one of the most sophisticated data management sheet software. Excel sheets have been used by many offices and corporations around the world. They use the software to store and access data. The excel is a comprehensive software where you can also bring in documents from other formats as well and embed them into the sheets. The security measures with which the sheet is protected is highly encrypted. All these features make Microsoft Excel one of the most reliable tools. 

Microsoft PowerPoint 98

Presentations are a part of the corporate life and dedicated software that will complete the same is pretty hard to find. That is why Microsoft came up with a brilliant idea of including fully sophisticated software dedicated to creating presentations. There have been a lot of features like slide management, the lion of pictures and adding media to your files is just a part of the process.

There are also slide transitions that can be added into your presentations that will have a captivating effect on the audience viewing your content. The Tool of powerpoint has been a very vital one for the companies that rely upon them for pitching and conveying their worth to the marketing world. 

Microsoft Word 98

Documentation is definitely a crucial office role in the life of many. Documentation is very important to make sure that there is solid proof of any work. With the documentation, one can refer to it or sort it out with the help of the data that is present in the document. The document that you create can be saved, edited and also drafted according to your needs. There has been a lot of other facilities that aid the same and will definitely create a visible difference in the work that you do. 

Outlook Express

Outlook Express is one of the most sophisticated software that deals with mailing and News. When a company has an outlook mail, it can create one single mail and forward it to many clients and recipients as possible with the help of the Outlook express.

If are you looking for download Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition
Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition Free Download

There are a lot of other add-ons that are added along with the system to make sure that you can complete all your mailing work in a single place. The news part is a bit new to the Outlook series but that didn’t receive a welcome that was received by the rest of the documents as well. 

Internet Explorer

The internet explorer is a dedicated browsing platform that was developed by Microsoft for all their system using their operating system. The Internet Explorer is the first in class internet handling application that was used by many and that had a good response among the Windows users upon its release. There have been a significant number of users who are relying on the internet explorer to get the job done. The internet explorer also had sophisticated plug-in support to establish an establish connection.

System requirements for Mac

  1. A Mac OS compatible computer. 
  2. 16MB – 32MB RAM requirement
  3. 90 MB HDD space minimum requirement
  4. 640X400 resolution computer display

Download Microsoft office 98 for Macintosh systems

The Mac version of the Microsoft office 98 is a special version of the same and that was released specially for the Mac users. There has been a lot of improvements from the release of the Microsoft office 98 till what it is today. 

You can access the download link of the Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh edition by using the link below.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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