Fixed: Discord won’t open in Windows 10 – Complete Guide

Discord is a pretty famous socializing application with many features like text messaging, video, and audio calling features. The application is well built and is a highly secure platform for people to connect with friends and family. The application lets you create communities and chat with like indeed people. Discord is available for Windows Mac, Linux, iOS, and android. You can connect with people very much easily. The application has a clean and intuitive user interface with lots of socializing features eb=mbeded in the application. As the application is available on most of the common OS platforms users can easily connect using the application.

Discord Not Opening? Fix Discord Won't Open with 8 Tricks

The Windows 10 OS is a pretty decent version with the most powerful features making it one of the best OS currently in use. The OS has many processes and programs running in the background to provide the users with a great computing experience. Users can easily access and use applications due to the OS is designed to provide the best outcome. The OS is well managed and is been updated regularly by Microsoft to provide the users with the best user experience. The OS is built to handle high power processing and can prevent applications from crashing by providing them with the necessary support, but still, then some application have problem functioning and they cause trouble for the users.

The discord application is constantly improved and the discord team strives to provide users with the best possible features. Even with all the best efforts, the discord application sometimes makes a big fuss on Windows 10 OS. it doesn’t open and makes communication difficult for users. Recently there is a lot of complaints from discord users that the application is not opening on Windows 10 OS and the discord team is looking for a solution.

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Features of Discord

  • Available for all major OS platforms.
  • Connect with friends easily.
  • Build community and chat with like-minded people.
  • Secure channels for communication.
  • Video calls and streaming features.
  • Frequent application updates and bug fixes.
Fixed: Discord Stuck and Won't Open on Windows?

Instances like this happen with every application and there are solutions for the issues, here in this article you will get to know the trick which might help you with fixing the discord nor opening error on your Windows 10 computer.

Even with updates and improvements to the application, some users face discord not an opening problem on their computer. At times like this, you as a user need to look for errors on your side ie the computer might have trouble opening the application and that needs to be fixed for the application to function normally. Fixing the application is no big deal as there is no coding or programming involved and you just need to look for simple fixes and solutions to make the application work fine. 

How you can fix the Discord Won’t Open in Windows 10

Here is the guide to help you fix the discord application that won’t open on Windows 10 computer. Make sure you follow the steps properly and fix the error easily. The guide will be simple put and made easy to follow for your convenience. 

Method 1: Stop the Discord task

  • Open the command prompt by searching for the command prompt in the search bar.
  • Open the command prompt with administrator permission.
  • In the command prompt type in this command “taskkill /F /IM discord.exe” to stop the task.
  • This will fix the issue if there is any minor error in the application.
  • Now open discord and check whether the application functions or not.

Method 2: Clear the App Data And Local App Data

  • Open the Run command by pressing the Windows key and the letter R on the keyboard.
  • Type %appdata% in the text field.
  • In the windows, you will find the list of application folders. Now choose the discord folder and delete it.
  • Now open the Run command and type in %localappdata% and follow the same process mentioned above.

Method 3: Check the Proxies

  • Open the control panel by searching for the control panel in the search bar or by looking for the control panel in the start menu.
  • Now go to the network and internet option.
  • A property will appear, select the connections option.
  • Under the LAN option uncheck “use a proxy server for your LAN.
  • Click on the OK button to save the settings.

There are some other minor fixes that you can try to fix the discord won’ open issue:

The tricks are mentioned below, make sure to check them out and try them to fix the issue.

  •  Update your Windows 10 operating system.
  • Update the discord application.
  • Login to the discord website.
  • Check whether the Discord server is down.
  • Check the time on your computer and correct it if it is wrong.

The methods mentioned above are pretty simple and easy to follow, the error of Discord won’t open will be fixed by following these fixes mentioned above. You can uninstall and reinstall the discord application if you want to as that would also fix the issue sometimes.

If you are still facing an issue try the discord website instead and try contacting the application team for fixes. Look up their website for new updates and issue.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative. Make sure you follow the steps properly and fix the discord won’t open the issue without having to go through a lot of trouble.

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