How to delete auto-fill entries in Google Chrome

With the recent generation hooked onto e-mails and websites for their day to day communication, the need for ease in data entry is required. Because every time you enter data into the specific places allotted, it takes a lot of patience and practices to enter the correct details on a single hit. Being a very simple task, it sometimes can become annoying when you enter the data and get rejected because you entered the wrong data into the fields. To solve this problem the by far used browser, google chrome from google bought in automation in the field of data entry.

Remove Google Chrome Autofill Entries Individually or All at once
Remove Google Chrome Auto-fill Entries Individually or All at once

Now if you have a google account, google will automatically ask you for a suggestion to save the details that you have entered into the website. This will not only help you in accessing the website at ease and is much more secure than actually typing in the password. Google had launched the feature keeping in mind the goodwill of helping people connect much faster and more secure.

There is definitely a fear factor that kicks in when you trust your valuable information to third-party software. This can become over by changing your information and passwords on a regular basis. The concept of auto-fill forms will not only take away the pain that you face when you enter the data but also, they will also help you in keeping the information safe. If you are rather skeptical about the concept of auto-fill forms, you are free to delete the feature anytime.

Noe, there are various ways in which you can delete the auto-fill forms that you have stored by default in your google chrome browser. The best and the most ergonomic ways of doing the same has been mentioned in this article and the detailed process in which the process can be done is explained in detail.

The best way to clear the auto-fill data

All you need to do is follow the following steps to delete the autofill entries in google chrome:

The best way to clear the auto-fill data in chrome
Delete Specific Chrome Autofill Suggestions
  1. Open the web browser in the google chrome application and select the settings from the menu.
  2. Go to the tools and click on clearing the browsing history.
  3. Once you do that there will be a dialogue box that will open as you do the same.
  4. In the very same dialogue box, select the advanced options and select the particular period of time at which you want to delete the data.
  5. Below that you will find the checkboxes that contain auto-fill form data.
  6. Check the dialogue box and click on OK to clear the auto-fill data.

Now there are users who are choosy about the information that they need on the browser and which they don’t want. This method will solely help you in clearing the specific data that you want to delete.

Delete Specific auto-fill data

There are basically two types of data that you can specifically delete. One is specific passwords that are stored in specific websites and the auto-fill addresses that are stored in various websites.

How to Delete Specific Chrome Auto-fill Suggestions
Delete Autocomplete Entry in Google Chrome
  • Now, all that you have to do is select the Chrome settings. For people who aren’t aware of that, those are the three dots that you will find in the top-right corner of the chrome browser.
  • Now if you are to delete the passwords that are available then select the passwords option.
  • This will display a various set of passwords that are stored across the various websites to make your access seamlessly easy.
  • Select the particular password you want to remove from the browser and click on remove. This will remove the password from that particular website. In case of address and payment options, click on the address and payment methods and click on remove for the same to remove them permanently from the websites that you have saved them in.

When it comes to the usage of computers users always look for reduced complexity. That reduced complexity is achieved partially with the help of keyboard shortcuts. The following paragraph will cover the various keyboard shortcuts that you can use to delete the auto-fill forms.

Keyboard shortcuts

When logging into any website the auto-fill pops up when there is a need to enter the username. Now all you need to do is when you click on the username box, press the down arrow to list down the various amount of suggestions that are saved.

How many shortcuts of Customize Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts
Customize Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Use the down arrow to navigate across the various data and press on “Shift + Delete” to delete the entry and if in case you are a Chromebook user press “shift + alt + backspace” to delete the same data.

Just a fair warning that once you have deleted the data, you can no way revert back to the original changes. By that I mean if you delete the data, it’s lost once and for all. So even before you go onto delete data make sure the data is properly backed up to backup software that is supported by google chrome.

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