Fixed: Default Gateway Is Not Available On Windows 10

The problem that most windows face today is that they don’t get treatment from Microsoft like they used to. They even face problems connecting to the Internet despite having an uninterrupted Internet connection in their area. But the biggest issue facing any Windows user is not working properly from the default gateway system or in some cases this feature doesn’t even work for Windows 10.

But the solution to your internet connection problem is not for the unavailability of the gateway, but for another different reason, but all the accusations are by default gateway error. As we all know, sometimes the gateway problem occurs due to the default unavailability of your gateway and that is due to the wrong IP settings that you configured in your internet settings. However, in some cases, it can happen due to wrong ISP settings too.

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Overview: Solving The Default Gateway Issue On Windows 10

The first and most important thing you can do in this is to calm your mind for a second and restart your internet connection again by restarting your platform and reconnecting it again.

If the error persists make sure your platform has installed a driver called ethernet and if it’s not there just visit the motherboard manufacturer website and from there download it and install it on your PC. Then all problems could be solved. However, you need to worry about the version of the version you are downloading because if an incorrect driver is installed on your device, it could damage your system. So be careful with this.

How to fix the default gateway is not available on Windows 10
Default Gateway Is Not Available On Windows 10 – Solved

The next option you can use is to change the channels on your wireless router. Now, this problem is very common in many areas where there is high traffic on the Internet. Therefore, you should configure the channel of your router and automatically configure it to a certain value that can solve the problem of your Internet connection. But the problem that commonly arises is that users need to change and set the value not according to their needs, but according to their location and the compatibility of the router.

On top of that, if you don’t know how to change it, just visit any store that caters and help you with the router setup or just read and change the settings according to the wireless manual user manual too. But at some point, the problem could be due to the encryption channels where you only need to update all your internet settings by updating and changing it and then going back to the normal settings as well.

While some users say this problem can be easily solved by simply fixing the power management settings of the network adapter. Sometimes, it happens that your computer only uses an amount of power that meets the needs of the router, and as a result, your internet connection becomes slow. So, for this, you only need to press the Windows key + the button of the letter ‘X’ where a window will open where you need to open the advanced user menu and from there you must select Device Manager.

From there, a new window will open where you will need to find your network adapter and open it and then just click “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” and then click OK with new settings. Still, if you have any problems with this, just check out your router’s in-depth manual guide and figure them out if there’s anything inside.

However, the problem is still not solved, just change your PC settings to power saving mode which you can find and change in Power options and change plans first to advance the power and then update your network and put that also in power saving mode and then update again Then finally change those settings to normal mode and then update again. All of these steps will also help you solve your current problem. However, if you change your 2.4Ghz setting to higher frequencies like 5Ghz, then all your problems could be solved too.

Windows 10 Default gateway not available solved
Solved- Windows 10 Default gateway not available

Sometimes antivirus programs like McAfee can also create a problem for all network settings that you may have given permission for that particular program while installing. Therefore, reinstalling the program again and not giving that particular program permission to change your PC’s network settings can also help you resolve this issue.


In the process, you will notice that the main thing is that all this is not due to Windows 10, but due to some technical problems that can be solved very easily just by following some of the steps detailed above. We hope that all your queries about the default gateway solution are resolved in this article and we hope that your internet connection will also function properly as it used to be.

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