Clock Watchdog Timeout Error on Windows 10 – Complete Guide

Errors in Windows 10 OS are pretty rare. But there are errors and they are annoying. There are several errors and issues in the OS but the occurrence is pretty rare. One of the most annoying types of error is the blue screen of death error which disrupts the workflow and the error occurs all of a sudden. Clock watchdog timeout error on Windows 10 is a bit of a drag and today we will discuss everything you need to know about the error. So, hop on and follow along.

Clock Watchdog Timeout Error on Windows 10

The blue screen of death error will occur at random times and the whole screen will become blue with an error message displayed. Well, when an error flashes suddenly, all your work will be unsaved or gone. So, the BSOD(blue screen of death is a very annoying and troublesome error on Windows OS. Well, you first have to restart your computer or better, restart your computer in the safe mode. Well, once you have restarted there are several methods you can use to fix the issue on your computer.

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Possible Errors Under the Clock Watchdog Timeout Error Class

Well, in this particular blue screen of death issue displaying clock watchdog timeout, there are a few different errors. All mean a different thing and you have to fix them accordingly. 

  • Clock_Whatchdog_Timeout Overclock:

 This error occurs when you overclock your hardware components. Overclocking is a good thing for power users but some computers will not support overclocking and will crash if overclocking is done improperly or when the limit exceeds. 

  • Clock_Whatchdog_Timeout Ryzen:

This error occurs for users running AMD Ryzen CPUs. the issues caused by updates and after removing the updates from the computer, the issue is seen to be resolved. 

  • Clock_Whatchdog_Timeout Windows 8.1 and Windows 7:

Well, the name suggests it all, the issue is caused on Windows 7 and 8.1 machines, the BSOD issue is not confined to Windows 10. The fix for the issue is similar and you can fix the issue if you encounter this on your device.

  • Clock_Whatchdog_Timeout RAM, GPU:

Overclocked RAM or GPU is the cause of the error. You can fix the issue by removing the overclock on your hardware devices. And this issue might also be caused when the RAM installed on your computer is not compatible with the Motherboard.  

  • Clock_Whatchdog_Timeout HP, Intel, AMD:

The issue is caused for users using HP laptops, Intel Processors, and AMD processors. 

Well, errors like this should be fixed without fail. If the error occurs once you don’t have to worry, but if the error continues you have to fix it to use the computer without issues.

So, to fix the issue follow the methods and fix the issue.

Simple fixes to Resolve the Clock_Whatchdog_Timeout  Error on your Windows 10 Computer

Well, here are the simple fixes that you can use to fix the Clock_Whatchdog_Timeout  issue on your computer. Not all methods will work for you, so you can try out some of these methods and fix the issue with the one that works.

Method 1: Update your Drivers

Old drivers can be a cause for the issue and sometimes corrupt driver files can cause the issue so, updating the driver will help fix the problem.

  • To update the drivers, press the Windows key + the S key on the keyboard and search for device manager and open it.
  • Here in the device manager, update the drivers of GPU, CPU and RAM as mainly these three components are the cause for the error. 
  • Select the “search automatically for drivers” option to update the driver.
  • So, once the drivers are updated, you can restart the computer and work without worries. If the error occurs again try a different method mentioned here.

Method 2: Update the Bios

Updating the BIOS is a very important part of device maintenance. Sometimes the BIOS might be at fault so updating it will help with resolving the error.

Updating the BIOS is not an easy task, so, research well and update the BIOS with proper care. If you do it without being careful, you will end up ruining your computer.

Method 3: Disable the C1-6 BIOS

Meddling with the BIOS is not recommended unless you are strong with computing. C1-6 in the BIOS is something that is said to cause the error on your computer, so disabling it will help with fixing the issue, well, before you work on this, look for the Motherboard manual and learn the correct process. So, you don’t end up ruining the computer.

Method 4: Remove the Overclocking

So, as mentioned previously, overclocking the components will sometimes cause the issue, so, you have to remove the overclock to fix the issue. So, go to the settings that you used to overclock and then bring it back to normal. Well, by removing the overclocking, you will see some performance lag but when overclocking is causing the blue screen of death issue, you have to remove the overclock.

Method 5: Update your Computer

Installing the latest updates on your computer will fix the issue. 

  • To install the latest updates, go to the settings application.
  • Here, go to updates and security.
  • Now, click on the check for updates under the system updates tab.
  • Now, install the updates and restart the computer.

Well, sometimes, updating the computer will cause the issue, so you have to uninstall the recent updates from your computer.

  • To remove the recent updates, under the windows update tab, find the view installed updates.
  • Here go to uninstall updates.
  • Here select the problematic update(or the latest update) and then uninstall it.

Well, these are some of the simplest methods you can use to fix the Clock_Whatchdog_Timeout error on your Windows 10 computer.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, you can now fix the BSOD error and use your computer efficiently.

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