How to change the screen resolution in Windows 10

The display is one of the most crucial parts of the system and whether you like it or not, if your system hasn’t got the best resolution then you will end up with the most abrupt displays. This means that the resolution of the system will play a major role in how you actually see pictures, text, and videos on your screen. The premium range of laptops that are entering the market is built-in with the high-resolution technology so that you don’t have to worry about manually calibrating the monitor to a more refined look. There are a lot of ways in which you can actually change the screen resolution of your computer when using windows 10. Before we even set to talk about changing the screen resolution, it would be best to understand what actually a screen resolution means.

3 Ways To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10
Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10

To be on a more technical point of view, the easiest way to explain screen resolution would be the clarity with how you see pictures or any display on the monitor of your computer. Usually, screen resolution is represented using two numbers. You might have come across things like 1920 x 1080, 1680 x 1050, 1600 x 900, etc. these are numbers that denote the ways in which the pixels are arranged inside the screen of your computer horizontally and vertically. The first number in the case of 1600 x 900, the number 1600 represents the number of pixels arranged horizontally across the screen and the number 900 represents the number of pixels arranged vertically. The more the number of pixels the more will be the quality of the output of your display. There a lot of factors that would still affect the screen resolution of your computer.

Just a pro tip:

Do not ever keep the display of your computer facing direct lighting or else that would ruin the pixel reflection present in your screen and over a period of time this would actually dull the output of the display.

The best resolution out there is so far 1920 x 1080. It is one of the most refined pixel configurations that comes by default in almost all of the systems today.

Now you may have a doubt on what resolution your current display is on. Now there are again two ways of doing it. Using the conventional windows tool to check it or use third-party applications to do the job for you. Remember I wouldn’t recommend the third-party application for your needs as they may potentially bring in malicious software into the system. the best way would be to use the Windows tools to do it, but if you aren’t satisfied with the output then you can so long go along with the third-party application. Now you can log onto this website and this will give the screen resolution in your system.

The most efficient way in which you can adjust the screen resolution of your computer using the windows.

  1. Go to the Windows settings –> system –> Display.
  2. There will be the current screen size under resolution.
  3. In this, you can see the current resolution from the options.

There are various ways in which you can customize your screen resolution with a ton of options by selecting the options that might suit the requirements of your computer. Now the intelligence with

windows is that it can actually scan through the system and recommend a particular resolution that would bring the best out of your system. It’s always better to go with the option that windows throw onto you. But at the end of the day is up to you. If you want to go with a better resolution you are always free to select from the ton of options that are available in front of you. Just follow the above- mentioned steps and when you see the current resolution selected you can just click on it and a list of options of resolutions will drop down along with the recommended resolution rating as well as the different set of resolutions.

You can select the resolution and windows will give you a preview of the resolution and with that windows will throw you a dialog box with two options, “Revert back to normal” or “keep changes”.

If you love the selection you made you can select the keep changes option or else choose the other option and select a better option.

Using the Command prompt

Now the command prompt with windows doesn’t support screen resolution changes but there are a lot of third-party command-line applications and one such is QRes. This will help you in changing the resolution and you can keep the changes if the resolution can cling along with your system. if now then you can revert back to the old resolution.

How to change screen resolution using command line on window 10
Change Screen Resolution using Command line on Window 10

You can download the application from the below website

Now fair warning with this application is that it needs some advance work experience to work with it or you might end up crashing down the system. At the end of the road, it all depends on the way how strong the graphic card is.

Using hotkey resolution changer

The hotkey resolution changer is something that is easily accessible in the application tray. That you can access the application. Now there are a lot of combinations in which you can make the changes to the resolution. You can download the application from hotkey-resolution-changer/.

Change Screen Resolution Using hotkey resolution changer in window 10
Hotkey Resolution Changer

The third-party applications will always be the last resort I would suggest you take. Because the windows way of doing it is kind of easy and safe to get the things done with the resolution of your system.

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