Fixed: Can’t Sign In to OneNote on Windows 10

Ever wondered why Microsoft Office applications are very popular and most used even though there are multiple free alternatives for the applications? If you have, then listen up no other developer can provide the feature, support and ease of the applications Microsoft Office applications provide. It is a package and covers mostly all type of document manipulation software. Microsoft was one of the first to develop such a package application which the people liked, furthermore, Microsoft updates these applications and makes them better for improving the utility for the users.

How to fix Can't sign in to OneNote on Windows 10

Almost every professional uses Microsoft Office package software to work with documents. With almost 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users Microsoft has a huge crowd to answer and hence, Microsoft makes sure that the applications are error-free and easy to use. The applications have been updated 18 times ever since it was first released for public use and there are 19 versions of the Microsoft Office package with the latest one being Microsoft Office 365, which is an online-based package software with cloud integration features. 

There are several applications in the Microsoft Office suite and that’s called package software. All the software are interlinked and can be integrated with each other easily for document maintenance purposes. With demand, Microsoft has added new applications and have scrapped away the unused and useless application from the package to keep it a user friendly and highly reliable application.

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List of Microsoft Office Applications

  • MS Word.
  • MS PowerPoint.
  • MS Excel.
  • MS Access.
  • MS OneNote.
  • MS Outlook.
  • MS Publisher.
  • Visio Viewer.

These are all the applications available in the Microsoft Office package, from which we will discuss OneNote, as OneNote has a minor error and that needs to be fixed. 

OneNote is a pretty well-built notes-making application. The application is robust with all the necessary tools and features for taking notes, the application is easy to use and can be used to take notes instantly in any environment and the notes can be shared with other OneNote users through a network or the internet. Like every other Office application Onenote also has the feature to log in to the server. But when the login fails there may be some feature loss like cloud storage and sharing features. When some of the program files of OneNote gets corrupted sign-in error might occur, there are some simple and easy to perform methods, using which you can fix the sign-in problem in OneNote. This article will comprehensively cover all the methods for fixing the issue.

Here are some simple Methods to fix Sign-In Error In OneNote on Windows 10

As previously mentioned sign-in error might have been caused due to the corruption of the files or there might be some problem with the server. Here are some easy tricks that you use to fix the login issue in OneNote.

Method 1: Sign in using the OneNote Website

  • If there is an error with the OneNote files. You will encounter a log-in issue. 
  • Trying to log in using the OneNote website might help you in such a situation.
  • Once you can log in through the website, then you can understand that the application is faulty and needs fixing.

Method 2: Reinstall/ Change OneNote Or Microsoft office package

  • Reinstalling the whale package or just OneNote will help with fixing the corrupted file. 
  • Open the control panel by searching for the control panel in the search bar.
  • Here, under the programs section choose the option uninstall a program.
  • Here, you have to look for the office package and hit the uninstall option from the top, or just press the change option. If you choose to uninstall the Office package, you need to reinstall it using the Office package installer, and if you choose to change the option, the repair feature of the office package will pop up and will ask you to repair the corrupt file, you can choose either of the options which will fix the corrupted file.

Method 3: Update Windows OS

Sometimes a simple update can fix some errors in the operating system.

  • You can just navigate to the Windows update option in the settings by opening the settings > updates and security > Windows update.
  • Here you can check for updates and then download and install the updates, once the installation is complete your computer will automatically restart.
  • Now, you can check whether OneNote functions better or not by opening the application and trying to sign in.

Method 4: Try Using Another Version Of OneNote

  • Uninstall the Office version on your computer and then install another version, either the new one or an older version. The older version will do the job nicely as the error will easily be fixed.
  • To uninstall the existing version, go to control panel > programs > uninstall a program > locate Microsoft office > uninstall.
  • You can download the Office package from the internet and install it with the key you have.

The methods described above will solve the error and will let you sign in to OneNote as usual. If the problem persisted, then there might be a problem with the server and you just have to wait until the server is Ok. if you are in a hurry then you can just log in with the OneNote website and access the features easily. You can then try out some of the methods mentioned above to fix the issue permanently.

Hope the information provided above was useful and informative, make sure you try out the methods mentioned above s these are some of the working methods and are simple to follow. 

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