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Adobe Fresco is an application that can be used to draw and paint on your phone. It was developed by Adobe Creative Cloud. There are many new amazing features that have been introduced in this version of Adobe Fresco that will make it a lot easier for users to enjoy using it.

They will be able to create some wonderful things on their phones using this cool application. There are other changes and improvements that are introduced in later versions of the software.

The user can even download the official Fresco app if they need help learning how to use the application. Many other versions of Adobe Fresco have been introduced after version 1.3.

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Features of Adobe Fresco 1.3

The user can read more about these features so they can understand what they can expect specifically in this version:

Where can you download Adobe Fresco 1.3 for free
Adobe Fresco 1.3


Users noted that it was sometimes annoying to have the Redo/Undo option in the previous version of Adobe Fresco 1.3. It is a default option that is available in the application. Thus, in this version, the makers introduced the ability to disable this option. This is a wonderful change that will definitely make a lot of users happy. This is only applicable to iOS devices. In order to do this, the user will have to go to find App Settings under Settings and then choose Input. After 

they have done all of this, they can then select the Disable Undo/Redo option.

Layer features

By using the Clear layer feature, users will be able to clear any unnecessary content that they do not want from a particular layer. In order to do this, they will have to select the Clear layer option from Layer Actions. All the pixels will be set to a transparent mode for raster layers and all the paths on a vector layer will be erased if the Clear layer option is selected. This option will not be available for layer groups.

It can only be used in instances where an editable layer is present. In other cases, it will be hidden; this can happen if a layer cannot be seen or is locked. The Convert to Pixel option can be used if the user wants to convert a particular vector layer into a pixel layer in case they want to perform edits on their drawing, using live brushes or pixel brushes.

The Merge Down action can be used to combine multiple layers into a single layer in case the user has a desire to edit the elements from several layers together at once. The user can also group many layers together in order to keep their workspace tidier.


The user will be able to recolor anything that they want using the Fill tool. The user will be able to preserve the color pattern of the original artwork if they want to. The fill behaviour that is currently existing with its color tolerance value will be used by the recolor fill and lock transparency will also be enabled for the fill operation.


The user will have to select the eraser icon that can be found in the tool panel so they can gain access to many pixel erasers. If a pixel layer is selected, the user will gain access to many pixel erasers and other options too.

Adobe Fresco
Download Adobe Fresco 1.3 for free

Increased precision

If the user wants to move a transform selection in some pixel increments, they can do so now using nudge which will allow them to tap in any direction to accomplish what they need to.

Sharing a link

The user will now be able to share links with others. Whenever the user shares a link with someone else, a link will be produced by Adobe Fresco. The recipients of the user’s link will be able to view and download the artwork that has been shared with them.

Importing from Photoshop

The user now has the option of importing big files from Photoshop into Adobe Fresco.

New learning tutorials

New learning tutorials have been introduced in Adobe Fresco. In order to get to these tutorials, the user will have to open the Fresco app, go to the Learn option, and then select Video tutorials. The new learning tutorials include being able to learn how to make a watercolor painting, a comic-style portrait, and an editorial collage. There is even a tutorial about Digital Illustration that is available in Japanese. It can be accessed under the Learn section.

Downloading and installing Adobe Fresco 1.3

These are the steps that the user has to follow if they want to download and install Adobe Fresco 1.3:

  • The user can download the app directly from the App Store
  • In order to do this, the user has to go to the App Store, search for the Fresco app, and then download it
  • They will then be directed to the app where it has been downloaded and they can try it out

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