Fixed: The Activation context Generation Failed Error on Windows 10

Errors are common in all operating systems, all major OSes out there are pretty well built to handle errors and glitches. It is nearly impossible to eradicate errors from the systems as application and software development is not constant and they change with time and with them changing there will be issues with compatibility and other issues that will cause things to fail. 

To minimize the chances of errors OSes have special compatibility features and libraries built into them that will help with reducing the intensity of errors and makes it easier to fix these errors. 

How to fix the Activation context generation failed error on Windows 10

Windows OSes have been pretty famous and is used worldwide by millions for running their computers. The OS has continuously evolved and the current version- the Windows 10 is pretty good and has ultimate features and functionalities to make the computer fun and easier to use. 

Only OS cannot be of very good use but the software that is on the computer makes the computer powerful and functional. The OS is just a piece of software that helps run the computer and integrated all the aspects of the computer like hardware, software and firmware. The applications running on the OS is what makes the computer useful. There are millions of third-party applications developed to run on Windows OS as to provide users with different features and functionalities. To successfully run the software on the computer the software must be compatible with the OS and should also have all the hardware settings to run the software, if any of these is compromised the software will not function or will constantly be sending error reports. 

To tackle the compatibility issues Microsoft has built many support libraries which application developers can use in their applications to make the application compatible and run efficiently on the computer. At times these support files fail and cause compatibility issues leading to the failure of the application. 

The activation context generation failed error in Windows 10is due to the failure of Microsoft visual C++ files and the Microsoft Visual C++ files are a set of C++ support library files that makes C++ applications function on the OS smoothly. When these files are corrupt the activation context generation error occurs on the OS. to fix this error, there are some tested methods that you can try out on your computer to fix the issue. This error is not very common in Windows 10 but still, users have encountered the error and are looking for a fix for this error.

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Fix Activation Context Generation Failed Error in Windows 10

There are some simple methods that will help you with fixing the error on your Windows 10 


Method 1: Reinstall The Affected Application

Any application malfunctioning or errors related to an application can be fixed by simply reinstalling the application on the computer. Some applications also support the feature of repair which will repair the applications and fix the issues automatically.

To reinstall the application follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Before you uninstall the application download the application files from the internet or just make sure that you have the application file on your computer.
  • Now, go to the control panel.
  • Here, navigate to programs and choose the uninstall a program option.
  • Now, look for the program in the list and uninstall it or if the application provides the option to repair the application choose the repair option.
  • Now, wait for the uninstaller to uninstall the program.
  • Once you have uninstalled the application, you need to install the application using the application files on your computer or with the downloaded one.
  • If this doesn’t help move to the next methods and try that out.

Method 2: Clean Boot Your Computer

Clean Boot can be a solution for many errors and the method is pretty effective.

To clean boot your computer follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the system configuration tool by opening the Run command ( Windows + R) and enter MSConfig in the command bar and hit enter.
  • Now in the system configuration tool, go to services > tick mark near the box that says “Hide all Microsoft services”.
  • Now, click on the disable all option.
  • Now open the task manager application by pressing on the control + shift + escape button on the keyboard.
  • Here, go to the startup panel.
  • Disable all the startup applications.
  • Hit Ok and close the task manager.
  • Now restart the computer, and the error will be fixed.

Method 3: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++

There are several versions of Microsoft Visual C++ released by Microsoft and each software will use a different version and if the software that is showing the error has a compatibility issue with the version of Microsoft Visual C++ then you have to reinstall the Visual C++.

  • You can download the Microsoft Visual C++ from the official Microsoft website, make sure you download the compatible version of the Microsoft Visual C++ to fix the error.
  • Once you are done with downloading the Microsoft Visual C++ install it on your computer.
  • Now, run the application and check for errors.

These methods will certainly be of great help as they will resolve the error and will let you use the application normally. Most applications when installing will install the compatible version of the Microsoft Visual C ++ on your computer so that the application functions normally and provides the necessary utility to the users.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, make sure you fix the activation context generation failed error on your computer to use the affected application efficiently.

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