How to Activate Dark Mode on your Windows 11 PC – Complete Guide

Anything dark emphasizes elegance, same does the dark mode in computers. It evokes a sort of mystery and elegance making the computer and the user interface look good. In recent years people’s love for dark mode has increased, and every other OS and software developer has put up options to enable dark mode in their products. The craze for this colour will continue as people are pretty much bored of the white theme, which has been ruling ever since tech instruments started rolling out. But, it’s time for the dark mode to take over, and it has exactly done the same. 

The dark mode is nothing new to Window’s users. Microsoft had already embedded the dark mode into the Windows 10 update in late 2020 which got a pretty welcoming response from the users. With the onset of the dark mode in the Windows 10 OS, the user interface has got a pleasing and elegant look which enhances the usability of the OS and aids with working in low light. The dark mode feature was to continues as it is in the next Windows 10 update, but Microsoft has suddenly come up with a new version of the OS naming it Windows 11, this took the whole community by storm as Microsoft has previously stated that Windows 10 would be the last released version and the corporation will provide timely updates to make the OS better. This bought in many questions pertaining to the features of the new OS and how well it is going to succeed Windows 10. Well, you will learn everything about Windows 11 shortly, officially from Microsoft. 

Well with Windows 11 releasing soon, and the Windows 11 leaked version out for use, people have jumped in and grabbed the leaked version to try on the latest features in the OS. The OS seems to be pretty great and is very promising. It could be a breakthrough OS with several alterations and feature upgrades.

The leaked version of Windows 11 has showcased some features that might actually be put in the official release of the OS. since Microsoft is about to host a worldwide announcement about the upcoming Windows 11, it is about time that we know what the OS has to offer and how to do some of the basic things like enabling the dark mode in the OS. well, if you have a copy of the leaked version of Windows 11, you will surely find this informative pleasing, and interesting. 

For, people who are waiting for the official version of the OS to releases, you are in for a treat, hang in there a bit more longer to gain full access to the most-awaited Windows OS. and for people who have installed the leaked version of the OS, you can have fun playing with the new OS, so you might also have explored the features and are looking for a way to turn on the dark mode on your computer.

Here is the catch, this article is about to bring in some cool information about using the dark mode in Windows 11. The method is similar to that of Windows 10 and there is no change to it. But there will be a huge change in the appearance, as the dark mode coupled with the new icon pack will make the user interface more elegant and appealing. With this said, we know that you are hyped up, so let’s get down to business and learn how to enable the dark mode in Windows 11.

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Enable the Dark Mode in Windows 11

It’s time to learn how to enable the dark mode in Windows 11. As mentioned above, the process is similar to that of Windows 10. So, if you know to do it, you can right away jump into changing the look of your computer, and if you need a simple guide, follow these mentioned steps and enable the dark mode on Windows 11.

  • Open the Settings application by pressing on the windows key and the letter I on the keyboard, or else search for the Settings application and select the application icon from the search results.
  • Now, in the settings application, go to the personalization tab.
  • Here, go to colours from the right-side windows pane.
  • Now, in the left windows pane, look for the drop-down menu under choose your colour.
  • Now, click on the drop-down menu and then select the colour dark from the list.
  • It’s quite simple as this. You can also choose the option custom and then alter the colour of the things you want by selecting from the options.
  • If you want to make the UI more adorable, you can play around with the colours tab in the settings and choose the perfect colour for your icons and other aspects.

Even though the OS is about to have a major makeover, it’s believed that most aspects of the Windows 10 OS will be embedded into the OS. so learning Windows 11 might be easier than it seems. Wait for the official release and have fun using Windows 11 in dark mode.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative. Have fun using your Widows 11 OS in dark mode.

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