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Windows XP has revolutionized the world of technology and has been the most popular OS ever. Microsoft has completely revolutionized the tech industry with its release. Over 400 million copies of this OS were sold out after its release. It is considered one of the Windows OS from Microsoft even today and has seen a great change in the tech industry. Windows XP has opened up new doors for modern OSes, which we use today, and this is all possible because of Windows XP.

Where you can download Windows XP for free
Download Windows XP for Free – ISORIVER

Windows XP came with many new features, which were very much advanced in 2021, and subsequently, Microsoft improved its OS by releasing its new service packs. Well, service packs that were the existing version of Windows update used to exist. Microsoft released various versions of Windows XP for all the user types. They developed OSes for professional users, home users, and many more so that users could choose their favorite OS.

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The modern OS released by Microsoft today is Windows 11, but you can still experience Windows XP on old and new computers. You can install it directly on your system or virtual machine. It is always amazing to remember the good old days. If you plan to try Windows XP on your system, this article is for you. We will provide you with all the steps to download and install Windows XP. So, let us begin.

Features Of Windows XP

Windows XP came up with several users, which attracted users to install it. Here is a list of some cool features of Windows XP that make it the best OS of all time.

Enhanced User Interface (GUI)

The graphical user interface (GUI) is a visual component showcasing everything the user needs to perform tasks. Windows OSes are famous for their user-friendliness, and Microsoft continues its legacy by adding new icons and color schemes, which allow users to work easily.

Improved Networking and Internet Features

In the early days, computers were primarily used for networking purposes. Microsoft improved its networking abilities in Windows XP OS, offering better connectivity features for users. Advanced networking features such as Wi-Fi, Windows Messenger, Internet Explorer 7, and Outlook 6 improved greatly. Some more enhancements are ICF, Teredo, Tunneling with IPV6, BITS, and much more.

Enhanced Security Features

Data security and privacy have always been major concerns for tech companies, and they have always tried to provide the most secure features. And Microsoft is still catching up in the race; they launched new security features in Windows XP. Microsoft has improved the security of its OS by providing encryption features and enhancing the firewall to prevent cybercrimes.

Windows Product Activation

In this OS, Microsoft came with something new. Microsoft offered the users a 30-day free tri, allowing the web to experience this OS completely, and after 30 days, the user needed to use the activation key to continue.

Better Graphics

Graphics were a key focus area in modern computers, and Windows OS had a graphical user interface that required graphics memory to run. So, Microsoft upgraded its graphics software package to DirectX8 and changed it to DirectX9, which improved graphics performance and provided users with graphical freedom. You can also download directx 11

Improved Windows Explorer

Managing files and data on a PC is a key responsibility of the OS, and Microsoft has Windows Explorer in its OS. In Windows XP, the explorer has been improved with new features such as image previewing and task panes, which made accessing files easier.

Support for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)

Liquid crystal displays became popular because they are much cheaper and more efficient than traditional CRT displays. Microsoft developed and incorporated the support features to support these emerging display features.

Fast Booting Up using Prefetch

In the older versions of Windows, the booting time was too long, and the users had to wait a long time to start using it. However, with Windows XP, Microsoft reduced the booting time without compromising the performance.

Automated System Recovery and System Restore Functionalities

Windows XP has recovery and resto features that help users recover the OS if something happens. This allows users to keep and use a system backup during the crisis.

Improved Multiple Monitor Support for Better Experience

Some users prefer using multiple displays or monitors to improve their performance. So, Microsoft improved its multi-monitor support for the users, which helped them to increase their efficiency.

How to download windows xp iso for free with 32 and 64 bit
Download Windows XP ISO for free

New Hibernation mode

The hibernation mode allows the user to temporarily freeze the PC’s functioning without losing any data stored in the RAM. Later, they can complete their incomplete tasks. With the hibernation mode, users can easily take quick coffee breaks and resume work on their PCs.

Cool Games to Have Fun and Relax

Windows XP launched various simple games for everyone; anyone can play them on their PC. These games were very simple and cool. Some of the most common games found in the OS are Hearts, Internet Backgammon, Internet Checkers, Internet Hearts, Internet Reversi, Internet Spades, and Spider Solitaire.

After discussing the features of Windows XP OS, let us look at the minimum and recommended system requirements to run Windows XP.

Minimum System Requirement of Windows XP

Here are the minimum system requirements your system must meet to run Windows XP:

These system requirements are hardware features that the OS or software requires smoothly. Every software consists of minimum requirements that all users must know before installing.

  • Windows XP will need a processor that runs at a minimum clock speed of 233 MHz. 
  • The minimum RAM required to run the OS is 64 MB. 
  • The free disk space needed to install the OS is 1.5 GB.
  • The minimum V-RAM needed to run Windows XP is 8 MB.
  • The display dimensions should be more than 600 x 800 pixels and must support VGA.

Recommended System Requirements to Run Windows XP

Here is the list of recommended system requirements:

However, the recommended system requirements will always exceed the minimum requirements. Because these system recommendations will allow the system to function to the fullest.

  • The recommended processor speed to run Windows XP is 300 MHz.
  • The recommended RAM is 128 MB.
  • The minimum storage space should be higher than 1.5 GB.

After reviewing the requirements of Windows XP, we will not look at the installation process. The installation process is very simple, and thanks to Microsoft for doing it, too. You just need to follow the steps to simplify your installation process.

Steps for Installing Windows XP ISO

Step 1: The first step is to insert the USB stick on the PC and format it as NTFS.

Step 2: Extract the zip file to your folder

Step 3: Now Download and extract WinSetupFromUSB.

Step 4: When the extract is complete, run the WinSetupFromUSB_1-10_x64.exe file.

Step 5: Now, WinSetupFromUSB will automatically detect your flash drive. Choose it from the drop-down list under the USB disk selection and format tools menu if it is not selected.

Step 6: Search for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Setup in the Add to USB disk. Checkbox it and identify the Windows XP source folder from the above setup. 

Step 7: Accept the Microsoft EULA and click the GO button to create a bootable USB stick.

Step 8: Once the installation is complete, verify the USB stick is readable with all the files.

Step 9: You can also copy any additional files you require on the USB stick, such as drivers/utilities/games, etc. They will be available in Windows XP when the installation is completed. Now, you are ready for the installation. Eject the USB stick, and let’s move forward.

Step 10: Insert the WinSetupFromUSB tick and power on your PC. The system will recognize the USB drive and load the WinSetupFromUSB menu system.

Step 11: Select the Windows XP/2003/2003 Setup option from the menu list.

Step 12: The Windows XP installation consists of two phases

The Windows XP install has two phases:

  • Text mode install (for disk preparation, copying installation files, etc.)
  • Graphics mode setup (for OS install, configuration, etc.)

In this tutorial, we will Select the First part of the Windows XP Professional SP3 setup to start the first phase.

Step 13: Now, windows will boot in the text mode installation

Step 14: Follow the on-screen installation steps to partition your hard disk and copy the Windows installation files. 

Step 15: Now, wait for some time. Your PC will reboot to the WinSetupFromUSB menu. This time, choose the second Windows XP Professional setup option to start the graphical mode setup. 

Step 16: Follow the on-screen instructions on the screen to configure Windows. We suggest you keep the options default because these are the most suitable ones for Windows XP. 

Step 17: Your system will reboot for one last time, and now Windows XP will load for the first time. This will install all the necessary drivers, and now you are ready to use Windows XP.

We have discussed everything you need to know about Windows XP and installing it on your computer. With the details, you can install the OS and use it extensively. Now, have a great time using the OS on your computer.

Thus, we have discussed all the points you need to know about Windows XP and installing it on your system. With all the details above, you will now be able to install the OS easily, and you can download it seamlessly. Now, you can enjoy this retro OS. 

Steps to Create a Bootable Disk using Windows XP ISO

  • Once you have downloaded the ISO file of Windows XP on your computer, extract the file.
  • Now, go to Microsoft’s official website and download the Windows USB/ DVD tool for Windows XP.
  • Now, run the USB/ DVD tool and click on the Browse option and then select the SIO file that you intend to use, in this case, it is Windows XP.
  • Now, insert a DVD or  USB with at least 4 GB of free space in the computer.
  • Now, in the USB/ DVD tool select the USB or DVD that you have inserted and select begin copying.
  • Now, the files will be moved to the USB or DVD. once done, you have successfully created a Windows XP bootable disk.
  • With the bootable disk, you can install Windows XP on any computer you intend.

Well, we have discussed everything you need to know about Windows XP and install it on your computer. With the details, you will be able to install the OS and use it extensively. Now, have a great time using the OS on your computer.

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  1. When I select “Open Archive” and “cab” for the file, I do not see the 3 files that are supposed to appear. Any help would be appreciated on this.

  2. Does the 64-bit work on amd CPUs? I’m looking to turn my fx8350 into a retro games system but I can’t find a working xp x64 installation media for it. If anyone can share a non tampered iso that would be great please. I want to play some 16-bit classics that windows 11 can’t.

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