Windows 11 Task Now Shows Microsoft Edge Processes in Detail

Microsoft Edge, as we all know, is the internet browser in Windows 10. It is an upgrade to the internet explorer which has been employed by Microsoft for a long time. When Windows 11 is installed Microsoft Edge browser comes as the default browser which you can later replace with other preferred browsers or you can continue with it. Well, for professional users Edge is better as it has better security features and will be effective. In Windows 11, there are many changes in the OS and the features and one change is the detailed view of the processes of the MW Edge browser. Hop on to learn more.

Well, Windows 11 has been released and users with supported devices can install the OS. if you have installed the OS and have been running it, you can just use all the different features and settings in the OS to become familiar with the features, so it becomes easier for you to work effectively. There are thousands of tutorials and articles filling up the internet for the past few months as Windows 11 was released as preview builds and recently on October 5 that it was released officially. 

Windows 11's Task Manager is getting new features

Task manager has always been there in Windows and it is an essential part of the OS. As the name suggests, it is a tool/ application built into the OS to provide better task control and management. With the task manager users can effectively manage tasks in the background,  track some of the basic hardware performance information like Memory usage, CPU usage, Wi-Fi usage, Disk usage, and GPU usage, view and edit startup applications, and much more. Usually, the task manager can be accessed by 

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  • Press control + alt + delete key on the keyboard, which will take you to the task manager screen, where you can select the task manager from the options.
  • Or just press Control + Shift + Escape to directly open the task manager. 
  • Right-click on the taskbar and then select task manager from the list.
  • Enter task manager in the search bar and hit enter to open the task manager.

Windows OS is pretty well versed in managing resources so, the performance can be intact. but

What’s the Use of Task manager and Why is it Important

Usually, the task manager can be used to do various important operations and monitor resources on the computer. The task manager has several applications and all Windows users need to learn some of the basic use of the task manager to effectively work. Here is the list of uses of the task manager. 

  • View the hardware resources usage in detail. You can also use the resource monitor that you will find in the task manager for even more detail.
  • View the startup applications and enable or disable them based on the need. Disabling unwanted startup applications will boost the booting speed.
  • View the properties of each process in the task manager for quick problem-solving.
  • Use the end task option to end an unresponsive application or to stop an unwanted application from running in the background.
  • Run new tasks from the task manager after you have ended the task for some applications to quickly start using the application.
  • View all the stopped and running services.
 Common Microsoft Edge Problems, and How to Fix Them

Well, in Windows 11, there seems to be an improvement to the task manager. Web browsers are very RAM savvy applications, with each tab opened the RAM used is very high, and to manage this, Microsoft had come up with a solution of displaying the detailed task of Microsoft Edge in the taskbar. With this detailed view of processes, you can easily end the task of only the one process that is consuming away the RAM, so there will not be an issue with other Edge processes. Well, in Windows 10, the task manager had sub-processes of many applications but in Windows 11 this displaying of sub-processes has been taken too far. This new feature is due to the improvement of the Edge browser with the multi-process architecture.

Well, these are the details you can see under Microsoft Edge’s icon:

  • GPU process.
  • You can see what extensions are running on MS Edge.
  • Each tab opened in the edge browser will be shown with its title and the page icon, so it becomes easier for you to find which page is unresponsive or needs to be closed.
  • Tabs in the incognito mode will show up with the MS edge icon and a subframe name.
  • You can find the list workers and service workers in the task manager.

Well, all these improvements in the task manager can be effectively used to manage tasks. If your computer is capable enough to run Windows 11, you can install it and try the OS. if you prefer to keep the OS it’s great but if you wish to downgrade to Windows 10, you can do it by pressing the go back button in the recovery tab in the settings. So, it’s safe to try Windows 11 as there is a go-back switch that you can employ to come back to Windows 10.

Hope the information provided above was helpful and informative, with the new Windows 11 OS, there is a lot more to explore and you can gladly try out the OS and try out the features.

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