Move Windows within Virtual Desktops on Windows 10

Virtual desktop is a very powerful and versatile feature. Virtual desktops are just emulators that emulate an OS environment on another OS so that the user can access a different or same OS in an OS. this feature is pretty handy and can be used in various situations. The virtual desktop provides users with the freedom to access a computer from anywhere and on any device subject to the device is authenticated to access the virtual desktop and is connected through the network.

Windows 10 is a highly potential operating system with many improved and new features. The OS is pretty decently built and has most of the essential and important components of an OS. one of the latest features that have been included in the Windows OS is the task view mode which you can find on the taskbar near the search bar. This feature is pretty recent and is very much useful. It is a feature that aids users in managing the tasks and the virtual desktops. You can create a virtual desktop and work easily with it using this feature. 

How to use multiple desktops in Windows 10

In this article, you will elaborate learn about the task view mode and how to use it efficiently.

The task view mode, as mentioned above is a task and desktop management feature available only in Windows 10 OS. This feature lets you access different desktops on your computer simultaneously and allows you to switch between the desktops pretty easily. When using the feature you can create a different environment for different works and work efficiently. With a feature like this, you will be able to switch between tasks and desktops easily and can function better. Most people don’t know the benefits of this feature and just skip the feature but once the feature is used it will be put into use often as it offers privacy and efficiency. When working you would need a different set of applications to be running and when using the computer for entertainment you would need a certain type of set-up with the virtual desktop feature you can maintain a different environment at the same time and swiftly navigate through the applications efficiently.

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Benefits of Task View in Windows 10

  • Easy switching between tasks.
  • Easy switching between virtual desktops.
  • Move tasks from one virtual desktop to another.
  • Task view mode accessible through the icon in the taskbar.
  • Boosts the Privacy of the users.

Here in this article, the main focus is to learn how to move Windows within Virtual desktops. Moving the Windows within VDs is very easy and can be dont pretty easily. You will learn how to do that in the latter part of the article. So, what this option of moving a Windows from one VD to another does is it will take all the functionalities and unsaved changes of a Windows and will transfer it to another virtual desktop, all this can be done using the task view feature available in the taskbar. Once you learn to move the Windows from one desktop to another you can function efficiently. This feature can come in handy when you want to keep only certain windows open while working but there are many windows opened and the progress is unsaved. The virtual desktop feature will certainly help.

Here is How You Can Move Windows Within Virtual Desktops on A Windows 10 Computer

The methods are very simple and you can easily do that easily without having to go through many struggles, its just a drag and drop thing and you just need to drag the Windows and drip it into the virtual desktop you intend to use. You will be elaborate learning the method for moving the Windows within virtual desktops.

Manage virtual desktop like a pro in Windows 10

Follow the method mentioned below to move the Windows from one virtual device to another on Windows 10 computer.

  • Open up the Task View mode by clicking on the option next to the search bar in the taskbar. Now, you will find all the tasks listed in the task view menu, you can choose the task you need and open it up instantly. 
  • If you want to move a WIndows to a virtual desktop, you need to create a virtual desktop in the task view mode, to create the virtual desktop, you need to click on the “ New Desktop” option on the top left corner. 
  • Once the new virtual desktop has been opened, you just need to click on the one you were previously working on to view all the Windows that were active on the desktop. Now, you just need to drag a Windows from the task view screen and drop it in the new desktop you have created. You can drag and drop as many as windows as possible into the new virtual desktop. By doing this you would have created two different environments with different applications running simultaneously where you can function efficiently on either one without any distraction. 

This relatively new feature of Windows 10 is unknown to many and people who use the feature use the feature to create separate environments and work on them pretty neatly. The feature allows users to manage their workflow as the interface remaining clean and clutter-free. This feature will come in handy many times and you can use the feature on any Windows 10 computer. Just experiment with the feature and find out the best application of the feature, so you can make your workflow clutter-free and maintain your privacy.

Hope the information provided above was useful and informative. Try using the all-new Task View feature on your Windows 10 computer and work efficiently with different virtual desktops.

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