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Video files can be large and could cover up most parts of your device storage. You could be struggling to free up space and trying different techniques to make extra storage room for installing or copying other files. Well, deleting is one option, but not all files can be deleted, what’s the alternative? 

Compressing files and reducing their size is one good idea, that will save you from storage crisis and also limit your need for deleting files from your computer. there are many ways to compress files and in some cases, your compressed files may lose quality or even be broken and become inaccessible. There are hundreds of compression tools and software, that specialize in the compression of different kinds of files and there are some software, that specializes in compressing only a certain kind of file, and are more effective as they are more specific and can compress files in a proper and organized way to make the output compressed as well as usable in the future.

iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac is a powerful video compression software, that specializes in the compression of only video files. You can compress any format of video file that is supported by the software and can free up storage easily on your Mac computer. The software is powerful and can efficiently function in reducing the size of your file without quality loss. Your frames will be intact except for the size and the file size is reduced. The compression ratio is pretty good and can compress large files easily. 

It is one of the best go-to software, during storage crises. Video compressors are not only used to save storage space but also used to make the video file suitable for other digital use like social media and websites. So, by compressing video files, you can easily use them for sharing purposes, as well as save up on your storage.

Features of iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac

You can get a good understanding by going through the features of the software, you can understand the different functions and operations the software does and can easily comprehend the benefits. You can judge the potential of the software and decide, whether the software is good for you or not. 

Yu can download iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac
iLove Video Compressor 2

Let us check out the cool features of iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac:

Simple User Interface

The user interface is a very important component of the software, it houses all the tools and functionalities of the software and lets the user interact with the software in a better way. It’s essential to have a simple and intuitive user interface for easing the workflow of the users. iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac has a pretty neat user interface with all the functions and tools displayed in an organized manner. You can easily navigate through the software and compress videos efficiently.

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Free Up Storage

Compression is the best way of freeing up storage space. You don’t have to delete files nor transfer them to a new storage device, all you need to do is compress heavy files and free up your storage. iLove Video Compressor 2 helps you to compress different video files without meddling with their quality. You can save a lot of storage as video files are generally bulky.

No Loss in Quality

iLove Video Compressor 2 is a very specialized video compressor built exactly for the job of compressing video files. It is much efficient in compressing the files without destroying the quality of the video files. Only the unwanted data are removed and the quality will be intact.

Drag and Drop Compression

It’s very simple to use iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac. you just need to drag the video file and drop it in the software, the software will take care of the rest. It will neatly compress your video files and give you a compressed file within minutes. It’s a hassle-free tool and can come in handy at times.

Where can you download iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac
iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac

Keep the Original

You can keep the original files after the compression is done. The software lets you decide whether to keep the file or remove it to make storage. This feature is very useful as you may be needing the original file and just compressing the file for digital media purposes. 

Minimum Requirements for iLove Video COmpressor 2 for Mac

Minimum requirements are the set of required hardware and software features, that a computer must possess in order to run the software successfully. The minimum requirements are recommended by the developers of the software.

Let’s learn the minimum requirements for iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac;

  • Mac OS 10.7 or later OS will support iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac.
  • The minimum RAM required to run the software is 2 GB.
  • A good multi-core Intel processor with 64-bit architecture will support the software.
  • 100 MB of free storage space is necessary to install the software.

How to Download iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac

To download iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac, follow these simple steps that are mentioned below.

  • On your web browser, search for Download iLove Video COmpressor 2 for Mac.
  • From the search results, choose a good website to download the software.
  • Once on the download site, search for the download button and click it to initiate the download.
  • Your software file will be downloaded to your Mac, navigate the file and install it to start using it.

Compressing video files can really be helpful at times, you can save up on storage as well as use the reduced file size to use it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  You can choose whether to keep the original file or delete it, depending on your requirements. iLove Video Compressor 2 for Mac is a cool software with features very useful for compressing videos without quality loss. Try downloading the software and use it to learn more about the functionalities of the software. Enjoy using the software.

To access the download file link, simply click on the "Download Now" button provided below. Should you encounter any issues with the link, please don't hesitate to contact our support team via our forums.

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